WPI Writers' Group Web Page

The WPI Writers' Group serves as a creative writing forum that provides peer critiques, editing, and advice regarding writing techniques to its members. The club is open to a focus on all types of creative writing including but not limited to short stories, poetry, novels, flash fiction, and plays.

The idea behind the group:

Our club was created in an attempt to preserve and develop an interest in creative writing and literature at a school traditionally focused on technical studies. Particular group participant interests have ranged from genres of modern poetry to science fiction novels.

Meeting info: If you are interested in joining or learning more about our organization, feel free to attend one of our meetings. D term '13 meetings will be Mondays from 7PM to 8PM in the Peterson Room of the Campus Center.


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WPI.txt Literature and Arts Magazine

The WPI Writers' Group composes the WPI.txt Editing Staff. WPI.txt, formerly known as IMPACT, is a project founded by previous president and group founder William Kurzmack. It is a Literature and Arts Magazine that features the work of various members of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute community. It's first issue was published in the spring of 2009. Currently, it is designed to be an annual publication featuring pieces submitted to the magazine over that respective academic year. Types of content featured in the magazine include short fiction, poetry, short non-fiction, flash fiction, excerpts from plays, photography, and visual artwork. We are accepting submissions of all types of creative writing and graphic artwork.