Club Garage Information

The WPI Motorsports garage is located behind the Air Force ROTC house at 37 Institute Road. It is an oversized one car garage, stocked with tools for most automotive jobs. In addition to hand tools, we have some bigger equipment such as:

The garage is open to any current member of the WPI Motorsports Club for work on cars/motorcycles. The goal of the garage is to provide a place for members to work on their cars while at school, because local garage space is hard to find.

Garage Rules

  1. Leave the garage in the condition that you found it, meaning tools are organized and all personal trash is disposed of when you leave. Especially old oil, take it to Autozone for free disposal.
  2. Ask the garage boss (currently Dylan Barnhill, for permission for any job that will require space for more than two days. This is probably ok, but for planning purposes I would like to know about it.
  3. Common sense- Turn torque wrenches down when you are done using them. Don't put yourself in dangerous situations, ask for help if you are unsure about anything. Lock the garage when you leave. Be respectful to the neighbors. It is their driveway, not ours, even though we use it a lot. Be professional about things to avoid problems.

The garage is locked with a combination lock when not in use. For the combination, email or search the forum.

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