About the Club

The WPI Motorsports Club is a school-sponsored organization intended for students interested in automotive technology or any form of motorsports. We are welcoming to members of all levels of expertise, from those who want to learn the basics of how an internal combustion engine works, to those who have racing experience. The goal of the club is to provide an organized basis for automotive education, and to allow automotive enthusiasts a location to meet and socialize with other who share the same interests.

What do we do?

The activities partaken by the club are largely dependant on the current membership and management; however, in the past, our activities have included go-cart racing trips, formal educational seminars, car shows, and formal and informal social gatherings. We are very intent on sharing knowledge amongst club members, and giving members opportunities to hang out and discuss cars with other like-minded people.

In addition, we have garage facilities which can be used by club members for personal projects, which allows students to maintain personal vehicles and projects while at school, and gives us a location to base some gatherings.

Can I Join / How Do I Join?

The Motorsports club does not require members to have any knowledge in order to join, only an interest in automobiles (of any type) and a willingness to learn and participate. If you are interested in participating in the club, sign up for the forum, and contact the officers (using the links on the main page) so that they can add you to the mailing list..

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