-Vineet Mathur-

About Me


Hi my name is Vineet Mathur, and I am a junior at the Mass Academy of
Math and Science. I was born in Miami, Florida, and moved to Massachusetts
when I was around 7. I attended my sending school, the Advanced Math and
Science Academy Charter School, until last year before my move to Mass
Academy. The two subjects I am most interested in are Chemistry and
Biology. Read more about me below and feel free to email me if you have
any questions.




My favorite field of science is chemistry. I have been interested in
chemistry since 7th grade when I took my first chemistry course. I walked
into the lab room not expecting much, but over the course of the year my
excitement exponentially grew. Reactions, the electron cloud, atomic
structure and more all fascinated me, and naturally, this interest stuck
with me. At home I like to perform different experiments that undergo
awesome reactions, so that I can learn the process, but also visually
experience the excitement.

Sports I Play


The two sports I love to play are basketball and tennis. My passion for basketball
started when I was around six years old when my cousin built me my first basketball hoop.
At the time I was not really acquainted with the sport, but decided to give it a shot
because my cousin did just put his tears and sweat (and by that I actually mean his tears,
he didn't really know what he was doing and I imagine broke down crying from his countless
mistakes) he had into building that hoop. Sure enough it stuck with me and I could not imagine
life without the sport. As for tennis, I also was introduced to this sport at a young age
and loved every bit of it. I guess the constant improvement and competitive nature of both
sports is what I really enjoy the most about them. As for my carrer,I played for both my
sending schools JV basketball team and Varsity Tennis team.


Contact me at vmathur@wpi.edu