HAM 891

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Accession Number: 891
Region: Lahore, Punjab province (modern Pakistan)
Artifact Type: Kulah zirah (mail head defense)
Date: 1800s
Materials: Iron; brass
Weight: 2 lb. 14 oz.

Some of the most attractive mail comes from India, where under Persian influence brass and iron rings were integrated in a style called “Ganga-Jamni,” alluding to the mixing of the muddy waters of the Ganges River with the dark ones of the Jamna. The headpiece here comes from the area of Lahore, the capital of Punjab and traditionally one of the leading centers of armor making in southern Asia. At the crown of the head this piece has a brass plate for a plume holder. The accompanying mail shirt has leather reinforcing for the collar, a style often found in Indian and Middle Eastern mail. It has heavy rings on the chest for extra protection, with lighter ones below and on the sleeves to reduce the overall weight of the garment.

Kulah zirah (mail head defense)