HAM 154

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Accession Number: 154
Region: Germany (Nuremberg)
Artifact Type: Almain collar
Date: about 1600-50
Materials: Steel; leather
Weight: 3 lb. 5 oz.

Its name an English-language corruption of Allemagne (French for “Germany”), the almain collar was widely used with the half armors worn by European footsoldiers and pistoleer cavalry. Leaving the surface unpolished or painting it black reduced maintenance. The largest grouping of such "munitions-quality" armor is found in the regional arsenal at Graz, Austria, where there exists sufficient armor for several thousand troops.

Almain collar

Not all armor was high-quality, custom-made, 'white' harness: many munition pieces were manufactured in large quantities in order to equip ever-larger armies. This blackened defence could be worn by an armored pikeman or officer of foot, with a cuirass and open-faced helmet. A similar harness could be used by pistol-equipped, medium cavalrymen. The largest store of such 'GI" equipment is the Zeughaus at Graz, Austria, where there still exists sufficient armor and arms for an army of several thousand men.