• Squire’s Challenge Game Race to gather equipment for your master. Can you match the names to their items?
  • Virtual Joust Game The Middle Ages meet the digital age as you try your hand at this jousting game.
  • Innovation Explore “behind the scenes” and discover how students from WPI have been working with the Higgins collection to produce the content found on this site.
  • Collection Database Search the thousands of items in the Higgins collection to learn about the artifacts and the stories behind them.
  • Explore the Battle of Dorneck Meet the players in a medieval army as you investigate this contemporary woodcut of the historic clash between the Habsburg emperor and the Swiss Confederacy.
  • Dress a Knight Game Dressing in armor was a complicated affair. Can you figure out which piece goes where - and in the right order?
  • Virtual Tour Truly a unique experience, this tour spotlights many artifacts that you cannot see even with an onsite visit. Interactive multimedia presentations make this a memorable feature of the Virtual Armory, while the variety of content makes it easily the largest.
  • Arms in Action Video Series See how the museum’s arms and armor were actually used, as swordsmen face off in fights based on surviving combat manuals of the period.
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The Virtual Armory is the product of more than a decade of collaboration between the Higgins Armory, the Worcester Art Museum, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Most of its content was created by student teams from WPI, working in collaboration with the museums to explore the potential of digital technologies for museums in the 21st century. Development of this website was supported in part by a Digital Humanities grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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