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Welcome to the personal page of Bogdan Vernescu 
Mathematical Sciences Department
My research has been mainly focused on the mathematical modeling in continuum mechanics, with an emphasis on multiscale mechanics for heterogeneous materials. Heterogeneous materials, whether natural (e.g. rocks, bones, tissues, muscles), or man-made (e.g. composite materials, emulsions, electrorheological or magnetorheological materials) exhibit several scales, either in space or in time, caused by the inhomogeneity, or the complexity of the mechanical process. A major question is the derivation of the macroscale (effective) properties of the heterogeneous material as a function of the properties of the constituents and of the local geometry; an "averaging" over the microscale yields the macroscopic constitutive behavior. The associated partial differential equations, have highly oscillating coefficients, and this averaging translates into the convergence of the solutions.


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Nonlinear Composite Materials 

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Porous Media 

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Electrorheological Fluids 

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Viscoplastic Materials 

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Free Boundaries 

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