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Welcome to the personal page of Bogdan Vernescu 
  Project Advising
Mathematical Sciences Department
Ph.D. Theses 

2012  Florian Maris, Random Homogenization of the Stokes Flow through a Permeable Membrane..

2007  Daniel Onofrei, New Results in the Multiscale Analysis on Perforated Domains and Applications.

M.S. Theses 

2004  Owein Reese, Homogenization of Acoustic Wave Propagation in a Magnetorheological Fluid.

2003  Daniel Onofrei, Asymptotic Analysis of a Spectral Problem Associated with the Neumann Strainer.

1998  Jeffrey Perlak, Effective behavior of Electrorheological Fluids.

1995  Dina Solitro, A Finite Element Analysis for an Air Cooling System, sponsored by Morgan Construction.

Senior-Year Projects

2009  Dante Amoroso, Nicholas LeCompte, Thin Film Ferro uidics (co-advisor G. Iannacchione), Provostís MQP Award Honorable Mention.

2002  Ethan Murphy, Numerical Methods for Neutral Coated Inclusions in Conductivity (co-advisor M. Sarkis), Provostís MQP Award.

2001  Brian Ball, Finite Element Modeling of Heat Transfer in Porous Media (co-advisor C.J. Larsen), sponsored by DEKA Research and Development, CIMS Award, Provost's MQP Award.

Allison Bailey, Joseph Golec, Marc Natrillo, System Reliability and Optimal Cost Study.

1999  Xialong Yu, Finite Finite Element Simulations in Plasticity, sponsored by Morgan Construction Co., CIMS Award, Provost's MQP Award (second place).

1997  Stanislav Oks, William Montbleau, Forest Lee-Elkin, Finite Mathematical Modeling in Metal Processing, sponsored by Morgan Construction Co., Provost's MQP Award.

1996  Adam Garland, Marcie Noyes, Jeffrey F. Perlak, Finite Rod Path Geometry Study, sponsored by Morgan Construction Co., Provost's MQP Award.

James Goss, Compressible Air Flow in a Cooling Chamber, sponsored by Morgan Construction Co.

Junior-Year Projects

2000  Elizabeth A. Donovan '02 MA, Jonathan A. Richard '01 ME, Learning Calculus Using a Historical Approach.

2000  Arthur Duque '02 CS, Mathematics in the Art of Salvator Dali, (co-advised with S. Weekes).

2000  John D. Calaway '01 BBT, Jason J. Duquette '01 EE, The Stock Market and the Worldwide Web: Mathematics or Gambling, (co-advised with B. Doytchinov).

1998  Josh Taylor '99 CS, Daniel Ginsburg '99 CS, Brian Groose '99 CS, History of Calculus and Computer Algebra Systems.

1998  Yelena Bronshvayg '99 CE, History of Calculus.

1998  Matthew Sartin '99 CS, Christopher Lee '99 PH, Jason Pavlik '98 EE, Stock Market Models.

1997  Timothy Adams '98 MA, Eleni Maria Bottos '98 MA, Spero Tsefrekas, Stock Market Analysis, (co-advised with R. Lui).

1997  Daniel V. Bailey '98 CS, Mathematical Methods in Music.

1996  Ricky Cheng '98 CS, Jayson Wilbur '97 MA, Options, Futures and Hedging in the Financial Market, (co-advised with R. Lui).

1995  William Montbleau '97 MA, Mathematics and Music.

1995  Jeffrey F. Perlak '96MA, Christopher D. Patterson '96NE, Mathematics in Modern Technology.

1994  Rhett S. Brown '96 PH, Mathematics and the Construction of Musical Scales.

1994  Ryan T. Betts, Philosophy and Mathematics.

1992  Kermit F. Hemmert, A Reinforcement Method for Teaching and Learning.