Student Projects

Advised by Vadim Yakovlev

2002-2003 - Hauke Daempfling, '05, 3D Visualization of Electromagnetic Fields with MATLAB
2002-2003 - Jaroslaw Antoniuk and Bartlomiej Salski (Warwaw University of Technology), Slotted Waveguides as Excitation Systems of Microwave Ovens
2004-2005 - Matthew Mursko, '05 and Ermelinda Doku, '05, 3D Model of an Egg-Shaped Solid
1998-1999 - Rakesh Shah, '99, Younes Horma, '00, Prospects of the Use of 2D Modeling in Microwave Power Industry
1998-1999 - Adriano Palombizio, '99, Enhancements to the Use of Mathematical Modeling in the Microwave Power Industry
2000-2001 - Hauke Marshall, '01, Modeling of High Power Water Load
2002-2003 - Gregory Pettigrew, '03, Complex Permittivity Reconstructions with Neural Networks
2004-2005 - Brian G. Cordes, '05, Optimization of the Sierpinski Carpet Fractal Antenna
R.E.U. Projects
2005 - Christopher Mirabito (Carnegie Mellon University), Anu Narayanan (University of Texas at Austin), David Perez (Loyola Marymount University) and Brenton Stone (SUNY Buffalo), FEMLAB Model of a Coupled Electromagnetic-Thermal Boundary Value Problem
2006 - Dena Feldman (Bryn Mawr College), Erin Kiley (University of New Hampshire), Daniel Lawver (Arizona State University) and Jody Mullis (Bowdoin College), 1D and 2D Electromagnetic-Thermal Models of Microwave Thermal Processing
2009 - Stephen Demjanenko (Cornell University), Ryan Northrup (...), and Kathleen Nowak (...), Interpolation Algorithms for Interfacing FDTD and FEM Meshes in Multiphysics Modeling of Microwave Sintering
M.S. Projects
2002-2003 - Ethan Murphy, GS, '03, Radial-Basis-Function Neural Network Optimization of Microwave Systems
2007-2008 - Martin Werner, University of Karlsruhe visiting WPI, Development of an Artificial Neural Network for Predicting Target Properties of Extruded Corn Semolina
M.S. Theses
2001-2002 - Veronika Mechenova, GS, '02, Method of Efficient Optimization of Microwave Systems
2006-2007 - Brian Cordes, GS, '07, Modeling-Based Minimization of Time-to-Uniformity in Microwave Heating Systems
Ph.D. Projects
2000-2001 - Pawel Kopyt, WUT visiting WPI, FDTD Algorithm for Modeling Electromagnetic Problems with Changing Geometry
2002-2003 - Pawel Kopyt (Warsaw University of Technology), Inverse Technique for Evaluation of Complex Permittivity of Materials
2003-2005 - Ethan Murphy (Colorado State University), Complex Permittivity Reconstruction with Neural Networks - Towards Applied Technology
2003-2005 - Ethan Murphy (Colorado State University), RBF ANN Optimization of Microwave Systems Represented by Small FDTD Modeling Data Sets

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