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I'm Tamsin, a student at Mass Academy. In my free time, I am a competitive figure skater. In addition, I have two cats and have travelled to three different continents visiting family. I love reading, writing, and listening to music in my down time. Here at the Academy, I participated in the programming team elective during A term and competed in the Savage Soccer robotics tournament during B term. Although our robot may not have done very well, it was still a great experience. I got to learn about robotics and explore something new while working with my friends. In D term, I participated in the Aerospace Engineering elective. We got to do many fun things while learning about aerospace, including launching rockets!
For my community service at the Academy, I am working with the Cat Rescue of Marlborough and Hudson. We take in rescues from all over the country as well as the local area and adopt them out to loving homes.

Districts Picture

I have been a figure skater as long as I can remember, since I started classes when I was two and a half. The rink almost refused to let me start since I was so young, but eventually they did, and I have loved it ever since. In 2015, I skated in the local skaters performance of the Stars On Ice tour in Providence, Rhode Island. The picture on the right is me with Meryl Davis, who won the 2014 Olympic Ice Dance competition with her partner Charlie White. It was taken as we went on for our warm up before the show. On the left is a picture of me competing in June 2016 at the ISI District 1 Championships.

Meryl Davis!

Another one of my passions is the National Junior Classical League, or NJCL. On the right is a picture from the national convention this summer, where students from all over the country (this year we had 38 states!) and even Canada came together for a week of classics-related fun.

my roommate

Here are pictures of me with some of my friends from that same convention. Below is a delegate from Georgia, and above is a picture with my roommate, who put up with me for the entire week. Throughout the week, everyone made many friends, and we all had a very hard time leaving, despite our many complaints about the weather or the distance we had to walk to get places.

my friend

Outside of skating and JCL, I love to read and write (mostly sci-fi, but sometimes other things). I don’t have any writing to put up just yet, but maybe if you come back later I’ll have actually finished something. Now that you’ve been given a brief introduction to me and my hobbies, feel free to check out the other pages here for a look at what exactly it is that we do as a school.