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You want to find the Little Theatre?

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Go to Riley Hall. Walk around the right side (looking at it from the Quad or parking lot) toward the street. This will put you on a short road exiting the parking lot to Institute Road. You should see a handicap-accessible sidewalk to your left. Get onto it. I would suggest you enter at a gap between the railings, but you can be daring and climb over if you want to. At the end of that pathway, you will see a glass door tucked into the inside corner of the back-right side of the building facing Morgan and Daniel's Hall. That's the door you want! Our theatre's lobby is right inside. ENJOY!!

You don't know where Riley Hall is?

Riley (technically labeled Sanford-Riley Hall, but no one actually uses the whole name) is a residence hall right near the quad. It is the building between Alden Hall (the one that looks like a Church) and Morgan/Daniels (where the big Dining Hall is.) The Little Theatre is right in the Basement of Riley. So now that you have the right building, get there and follow the directions to the Little Theatre.

You can't find the Quad?

It is up on "The Hill" of the main campus. Ok, this is easy, if you're anywhere on campus, and it's possible, just go up hill. This will either put you around the classroom buildings somewhere near the fountain or right where you need to be. Look for the Quad (big area with grass and brick paths crossing it). If you're there, you're all set. If you're near the fountain, walk to it (but not in it… you probably want to stay dry). If you were to spin around 360 degrees you would see almost all of the classroom buildings. You would also see the Campus Center. The Campus Center is the cool-looking one with tons of windows and an octagon-shaped section on the side facing you. Take the main path away from the fountain toward it. When you get close to the Campus Center, turn left and keep walking until you clear the buildings on either side of you. (You are walking between Higgins Laboratories and Alumni Gym - in case you have to find those later.) When you clear the buildings you’ll be looking at a parking lot on your right. If you cut directly through it, you will reach the Quad. Now that you've found it, follow the instructions for finding the Little Theatre.

You're not on campus?

WPI is located in Worcester, Massachusetts. The main part of campus is located on the block between Institute Road, Salisbury Street, Park Ave, and Boynton Street. Parking is available in the West Street lot, located on the corner of West Street and Institute Road or around the Quad. Now that you're here, check the more specific directions above for locating the Little Theatre. You're not in Worcester?

Coming from further away?

You might want to go online and get driving directions from either yahoo.com or Google Maps. This could help you find the most direct route to WPI right from your driveway. Just always double-check online directions with a map to make sure the roads are really there.

Remember, the campus address is:
100 Institute Road,
Worcester, MA 01609

On behalf of the WPI Theatre Program, we hope to see you soon!

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