Drama / Theatre

Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honor Scociety Presents

The 7th Annual show in 24 hours

B-term '09

produced by Andrew Wilkins

December 5th, 8pm

Little Theatre

Wondering how to find the Little Theatre?

Featuring the Shows:
Birds of a Feather
Written by Tofer Carlson, Sara Gouveia, and Steven Vessella Directed by Megan Faulkner

Immoral Dilemma
Written by Christopher Osborn and Daniel K. Gilbreath Directed by Joel Sutherland

Bird`s-Eye View
Wirtten By Nick Bebel, Amy Castonguay, Rick Desilets, and Ryan Keough Directed by Sarah Pavis

Nos Morituri Ambulabimus or: Zombie Rome!
Wirtten by Sarah Pavis, Richard Pavis, and Michael Ciaraldi Directed by Smriti Shrestha

Anatomy of Doubt
Written by Dominic DiGiovanni, Daniel Morehouse, and Carol Wood Directed by Jacob Troiano


Birds of a Feather:
Rick - Rick Desilets
Elena - Elena Ainley
Robin - Robin Chapell
Lauren - Lauren Spada

Immoral Dilemma:
Peter - Steven Vessella
Tanya - Anika Blodgett
Frank - Ryan Keough
Scott - Tofer Carlson

Bird`s-Eye View:
Lindsey - Lindsey Lucier
Chris - Christopher Kingsley
Sara - Sara Gouveia
Richard - Richard Pavis

Nos Morituri Ambulabimus or: Zombie Rome!:
Cincinnatus - Sean Cassidy
Magnus - Nick Bebel
Minerva/Pluta - Carol Wood
Rufus - Tristan Spoor

Anatomy of Doubt:
Joe - Chris Osborn
William Hunt - Edmund J. Massa
Constantine - Thomas L. Collins, III
Jeremy Paige - Daniel K. Gilbreath

Tickets: Free, first come first serve

100 Institute Road, Worcester MA 01609-2280 | Fax: +1-508-831-5932 | Email: littletheatre@wpi.edu
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