Drama / Theatre

Alpha Psi Omega Presents

The 13th Annual AYO Show in 24 Hours

B-term '15

produced by Samantha Foote

December 12, 7:00 PM

The Little Theatre

Wondering how to find the Little Theatre?

The Alpha Psi Omega 24-Hour Show is a theatrical production that begins work on Friday, December 12th at 8:00pm and premieres Saturday, December 13th at 7:00 pm. It has been an annual tradition of WPI's Rho Kappa Cast of Alpha Psi Omega for the past nine years. In this 24-hour period, we will write, cast and rehearse 5 short plays. We have no idea what the plays will be like until 6am on Saturday when the writers give us their scripts after staying up all night to write them. During Friday night we will build and paint a full set to be used by all the plays, hang, cable and program all of the lights, and gather sound effects for all of the plays. Most of Saturday is spent rehearsing with and without the technical aspects of the show. Once time runs out at 8:00pm on Saturday, we let the audience in and show them what we have come up with. It's usually quite entertaining for all involved.

Tickets: Donations Accepted, Tickets free, first come first serve

Show contact: ayo@wpi.edu

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