Drama / Theatre

Masque and the Humanities and Arts Department Presents

New Voices 27

D-term '09

produced by Christopher Kingsley

April 8, 9, and 11th at 7:30. April 10th at 5:00 and 7:30.

Little Theatre

Wondering how to find the Little Theatre?

Associate Executive Dramaturg Victoria Zukas

Featuring the Plays:

A Letter Unsent - Written by Tofer Carlson, Dramaturg Matthew Houstle, Directed by Megan Faulkner
Mad City, Inhabited - Written by Dominic DiGiovanni, Dramaturg Patrick Crowe, Directed by Christopher Osborn
Men are from Oz, Women are from Venus - Written by Shannon "Haz" Harrower, Dramaturg Stephanie Kavrakis, Directed by Nick Bebel
Schrodinger's Cat in the Hat (fancy that!) - Written By Shannon "Haz" Harrower, Dramaturg Richard Desilets, Directed by Dominic DiGiovanni and EJ Massa
Screw This Noise - Written by Shannon "Haz" Harrower, Dramaturg Stephanie Kavrakis, Directed by Kevin Kelleher
The Spy in Size 4's - Written by Nick Bebel, Dramaturg Richard Pavis, Directed by Mike Hyde
Thirty Six Situations - Written by Ben LaVerriere, Dramaturg Matthew Houstle, Directed by Joel Sutherland


-A Letter Unsent-
Angie - Tanya Soffen
Matt - Joel Sutherland
Evan - Steven Vessella
Wendy - Anika Blodgett
Brenda - Heidi Robertson
Jennifer - Lauren Ferrechio
Rick - Rick Desilets
Counselor - Corey Randall
Doctor 1 - Lizzie Dawson
Doctor 2 - Steve Washington
Doctor 3 - Dickson McCannell

-A Spy in Size 4's-
Timmy - Josh Luther
Principal Fulton - Lindsey McKann
Ms. Wendle - Sara Gouveia
Randy - Connor Hughes
Glenn - Tofer Carlson
Girl - Maegan Boutot
Bully - Rob Matrow
Lambchop/Ms. Lewis - Amanda Rinaldi
Kids - Sara Fischer, Alex Flores, Jon Zoll

-Mad City, Inhabited-
Nathan 1 - Peter Worrest
Nathan 2 - Kevin Kelleher
Frank 1 - Tofer Carlson
Frank 2 - Megan Faulkner
Intern - Maureen Ryder
Executor - Richard Pavis

-Schrodinger's Cat in the Hat-
(fancy that)
Mr. Fluffykins - Carol Wood

-Men are from Oz, Women are from Venus-
Jackie - Sarah Beth Johnson
Figment 1 - Cara Marcy
Figment 2 - Carol Wood
Scarecrow/Waiter - Ian Hawkes
Tinman/Maitre d' - Matt Kelly
Cowardly Lion/Busboy - Jake Troiano
Puppet/Bartender - Christopher Kingsley
Wizard/Keith - Mike Hyde

-Screw This Noise-
June - Jennifer Dahlmann
Mr. Seagrass - Joey Chipman
Stewardess - Andrea Garry
Geoffrey - Will Knobloch
Evelyn - Kelsey Mawhiney
Sadie - Lauren Spada
Texas Joe - Lucas Lorditch
Brittani - Katherine McKenna
Father David - Jake Brown
Passenger 1 - Mike Riggieri
Passenger 2 - Sarah Judd

-Thirty-Six Sittuations-
The Narrator - Nick Alden
The Professor - Vineet Barot
The Ringmaster - James Johnson
The Ringmaster's Wife - Sarah Artz
The Husband - Chris Pardy
The Wife - Lindsey Lucier
The Husband's Employer - Ariel Wexler
The Husband's Employer's Wife - Erika A. Stone
The Evil Villain - David P. Cardenas
The Housebreaker - Felipe Polido
The Mayor - Andrew Wilkins
The Husband's Employer's Estranged Cousin's Wife - Victoria Zukas
The Messenger - Felipe Polido
The Attractive Young Man - Chad Caisse
Dionysus - Nick Bebel

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