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Masque and the Humanities and Arts Department Presents

Gross Indecency: The Three Trials Of Oscar Wilde

B-term '08

by Moises Kaufman

directed by Dominic DiGiovanni

produced by Patrick Crowe

November 20, 21, 22 at 8pm

Little Theatre

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Oscar Wilde, the famous author and playwright, takes legal action against the Marquis of Queensbury for calling him a "posing sodomite". The trial is an excuse for Wilde to talk about his beliefs on art, and the nature of life. Instead, Oscar himself ends up on trial for gross indecency, setting in motion the events that would ruin him as a public figure and an artist, and eventually lead to his death. The play, whose dialogue is taken from first sources, explores themes of historical and modern homosexuality, censorship, and the role of the artist in society.


Oscar Wilde: Steven Vessella
Clarke: Lindsey Lucier
Carson: Richard Pavis
Douglas: Joel Sutherland
Queensbury: Richard Desilets
Shaw: Nick Bebel
Judge/Gill: Tofer Carlson
Wright: Haz Harrower
Queen: Sara Gouveia
Taylor: Victoria Zukaz
Clerk: Megan Faulkner
Harris: Ian Morse
Jury Foreman: Kelsey Mawhiney
Wood: Matthew Goldstein
Atkins: Ashik Gowdar
(All roles other than Oscar Wilde are multi-character)

Tickets: $5 available in WPI Campus Center 9am-4pm 11/17-11/21 or available at door.

Show contact: Producer Patrick Crowe phcrowe1@wpi.edu

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