WPI New Voices Festival

WPI is proud to be able to continue its long-running play festival New Voices . This festival allows members of the WPI community to see their works produced onstage. It is a great way for students to try new things and take risks in theatre as each show needs a director, a stage manager, and a cast.

All on-campus events have been cancelled for D Term and this includes New Voices 37. We share your sadness and we thank the exec team for working with us throughout the uncertainty of the last days. We promise you that the scripts of NV37 will be showcased next year, though the exact format is yet to be decided.

New Voices 37 Scripts

We are proud to announce the scripts that will be produced in this year's New Voices.

"Call" by Dolores Jackson

A kid has been missing from classes for a few weeks. Their acquaintances call to check on them.

"Dreamwalker" by Noah Olson

In the warm embrace of sleep, the Dreamwalker will reap.

"Jack" by Michael Gagliano

A group of modern businesswomen find themselves stalked by a terror long thought to be dead. Is it truly the ghost of the past, alive and killing once more? What kind of dark secrets are at play?

"My First Asexual Time" by Anish Nakahara

As Steven is getting ready for bed he reflects on an intimate night he spent with Emmett, a potential partner.

"Quarter 4 Marketing Review for Division 8" by Leah Steigerwald

Lane has a presentation for work that they have not prepared for. Mayhem ensues.

"Skittles" by Ryan Choate and Alex Miller

A person who lacks any theatre etiquette finds themself at the ballet for the first time. Will they be able to avoid being a disruption and embarrassment?

"That Which You Love" by Trevor Dowd

During the Irish Easter Rising of 1916, two leaders of the Irish Independence Movement contemplate the rebellion and how it affects their families.

"Tinderella" by Nicole Shedd

Hannah is a little bit desperate to find someone to date. So she turns to a new method of finding the love of her life: Tinder.