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Script Submission Guidelines

These guidelines are meant to be used as a checklist to ensure all requirements are complete before submission. Please make sure to carefully consider and complete all the instructions!

The plays selected for NV 35 will be announced prior to the Friday night showing of the C-term Masque production (February 16th, 2018) at 5:00 p.m. in the Little Theatre.

When and How?

New Voices 35 will run April 11th-14th, 2018, 7:00 p.m. curtain time, WPI's Little Theatre.
Submissions are welcomed at any time, beginning January 8th, 2017.
The deadline for submissions is January 26th at 5:00 p.m.
Submissions must be delivered electronically in PDF format.
Submission should be emailed to nv35-submissions@wpi.edu.
You will receive an email reply from New Voices within a few days to confirm that your submission has been received.

Who can submit?

Current undergraduate students who are in residence at WPI or who are at WPI project centers are invited submit. Graduate students in residence at WPI are also invited to submit. New Voices requires that all writers of plays selected for the festival must be in residence on campus or available to campus for events stipulated in the contract with the festival [please see "If your script is selected" below]. Anonymous submissions will NOT be accepted. There is no limit to the number of submissions.

What is required:

Two [2] copies of the script should be submitted:

  • 1 identifying copy
  • 1 copy that has no identifying information anywhere in the file
  • A brief synopsis of about 25 words should be included on the cast of characters page

The Script Itself:

  • A typeface of 12 pt. Times New Roman [or equivalent] is preferred.
  • All pages must be numbered.
    • We prefer page numbers in the upper right hand corner of each page. You may include Title and/or Act and Scene numbers in your header if you wish.

What to include:

  • The identifying copy should have a title page with the title of the play, your name, your email address, telephone number, and any other contact information you wish to include.
  • The non-identified copy should have a title page with ONLY the title of the play.
  • A Cast of Characters list should follow the title page.
    • Less than one line of character description should follow the character's name.
    • Other necessary information such as setting, time period, etc., should appear on this page.
    • Stage directions should be clearly distinguishable from dialogue.
      • Our preferred method is to print them in italics and set them off in parentheses.
      • It is also acceptable to indicate the stage directions by putting them in parentheses (without using italics).
      • We prefer that you do not use ALL CAPS or Small Caps, which also produce eyestrain.

    If your script does not follow the above rules, it may not be considered for the current festival.

    If your script is accepted:

    New Voices assumes a level of participation by writers whose plays are accepted for the festival. New Voices is part of an academic theatre program and is dedicated to giving the writers an educational experience. We are not merely an exhibition play festival: we insist that the writers of the produced plays are in the Little Theatre at important production milestones. New Voices believes that this participation can enrich the writers' theatrical experiences, provide them with knowledge of their own original work that they could find only in the production setting, and broaden their understanding of how a play goes from page to stage.

    Please make sure you are willing and able to participate in the following:

    • Respond to the email notifying you of the acceptance of your play into New Voices 35;
    • Attend the 5:00 p.m. meeting on February 16th, 2018, at which New Voices 35 plays are announced;
    • Attend scheduled tech rehearsals during production week;
    • Attend each performance of your produced play Wednesday through Saturday nights;
    • Make every effort to support the entire festival by spreading the word about all of New Voices 35; and
    • Attend "strike" of the set after the final performance of New Voices 35, Saturday night, April 15th

    NEW VOICES considers the above participation MANDATORY.
    If you have reasons that make this participation impossible for you, please do not submit your play.

    A letter of agreement between New Voices 35 and selected playwrights will be sent to you electronically when you are notified of the acceptance of your play into the festival. This document, when signed by you, will assure New Voices 35 of three things:

    1. That your work is original.
    2. That when this play enjoys future productions, you will acknowledge, in the production program if possible, that New Voices 35 was where your play was first presented in an educational workshop.
    3. That you agree to make every effort to participate as requested.


    The festival plays will be announced on Friday, February 16th at 5:00 p.m. in WPI's Little Theatre. Before this date, you will be contacted by New Voices and informed of the results of your submission. If your play was not selected, both PDF's you submitted will be deleted from our files. If your play was selected, both copies will be held for the files. New Voices never duplicates a writer's work. The undergraduate Producing Dramaturg will work with you on all aspects of have your play produced in New Voices 35.

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