Drama / Theatre

New Voices Title Playwright/Designer
2017 The Showcase Ann [Palmer] Anderson, et. al.
35 Awkward Victoria Loehle
35 Bearing Sweet Phantom Alex Miller
35 Forward and Back Michael Gagliano
35 Human Michael Gagliano
35 Milk Emily Aldrich
35 Nature's Perversions Jacob Bortell
35 Tell Me in the Morning Olivia Lattanzi
35 The Bradbury Diner Kyra Bresnahan
35 The Bunker Walt Gallati
35 The Route Paul Raynes and Christian Roberts
34 Are There Trees In Heaven? Victoria Loehle
34 Foxtrot Delta Romeo Nicholas C. Cyganski
34 Fur Heaven`s Sake Dan Murray
34 Here be PIRATES! Maeve McCluskey
34 Psych 117 Casey Browslawski
34 Silence Speaks for Me Kimberly Stanway
34 The Apathy Fairy Mark Swanson
33 Exit Nicolas R. Hewgley and Michael Goldman
33 Glass Adam`s Day Off Ian Maitland and Mark Swanson
33 Me, Moi-Meme, and I Nicholas Medeiros
33 Pre-Planning Daniel Corwin and Christian Roberts
33 Tea Time Katelyne Sibley
33 The Rower Victoria Loehle
33 The Sixth Experiment Casey Broslawski
32 A Promise Andrew Smith
32 I`ll See You Tomorrow Dolan Murvihill
32 On the Way: The Musical Michael Gagliano and Jeffrey Collard
32 Quantum Madness Nicholas Medeiros
32 Red Hair Despoina Giapoudzi
32 Repudiation Shannon Healey
32 The Global Wish Fulfillment Agency Maeve McCluskey
32 Three Ways From Here Hunter Putzke
32 War Stories Samuel Teatum
31 Color the Sky Orange Andrew Smith
31 Growing Pains Jeffrey Collard
31 In Times Like These, I Choose Love Chelsea Ross Miller
31 New England Weather Holly Fletcher
31 Out of Time Tofer Carlson
31 Overkill Angela Simpson
31 The Beacon Holly Fletcher
31 To Thine Spy Self Be True Tofer Carlson
30 Barbeque Chicken Pizza Louisa King
30 Dora`s Disclosure Anika Blodgett
30 Golden Sebastian Bellisario
30 Grave Intentions Alex Rock
30 Jake Laura Fischer and Erin Saari
30 Land of the Living... Living? Tofer Carlson
30 Poems: The Early Life of Pope John Paul II Elena Ainley
30 The Golden Apple Holly Fletcher
29 A Lesson on Trolls Rhiannon Chiacchiaro
29 A Shot in the Dark Megan Faulkner
29 A Spy By Any Other Name Tofer Carlson
29 Everybody Poops But You Robert Connick and Andrew Wilkins
29 One Card From Caving In Holly Fletcher
29 Searching for Something N. Harrison Ripps
29 The Experiment, or, Let Them Eat Cake Tofer Carlson
29 Yellow Jacket Angela Simpson
28 A Prayer for Rain Tofer Carlson
28 All The Truth Nick Medeiros
28 Get Me to the Church on Time Michael Ciaraldi
28 Happily Ever After Elizabeth Dawson
28 Lumberknight Christopher Osborn
28 Mother of Invention Dean O`Donnell
28 The Change Steven Vessella
28 The Party Train Rick Desilets
28 The Secret of Water Richard Pavis
27 A Letter Unsent Tofer Carlson
27 Mad City, Inhabited Dominic DiGiovanni
27 Men are from Oz, Women are from Venus Shannon (Haz) Harrower
27 Schrodinger`s Cat in the Hat (fancy that!) Shannon (Haz) Harrower
27 Screw This Noise Shannon (Haz) Harrower
27 The Spy in Size 4`s Nick Bebel
27 Thirty-Six Situations Ben LaVerriere
26 First Draft Michael J. Ciaraldi
26 Glow Tofer Carlson
26 How to Meet Girls, for Voice Actors Adam R. Nakama
26 Infected Richard Pavis
26 Love Love Love Three Stories of Love EJ Massa
26 Something in the Void James Johnson
26 Sudden Silence Sudden Heat Richard Pavis
26 Sympathy for the Devil Shannon (Haz) Harrower
26 The Punisher: The Play Amy Castonguay
26 To Stop Steven Vassella
26 Trusted Download Dominic DiGiovanni
26 Walt and Wilde Adam R. Nakama
25 25 Dean O`Donnell
25 ATTIC Catherine Darensbourg
25 Footsie Dean O`Donnell
25 Raccoon a la Mode Shannon (Haz) Harrower
25 Shot in the Heart Sarah Pavis
25 The Princess and the Body Snatchers Shannon (Haz) Harrower
25 Union Station Shannon (Haz) Harrower
24 A Comedy of Politics Adam R. Nakama
24 Black Pajamas Steven S. Taylor
24 Daddy Jesse Parent
24 Floral Arrangements Erica M. Anderson
24 Fortune Cookie Maxwell Simpson
24 Holy Spam! Cecilia Servatius and Brian Roberts
24 Home Dean O`Donnell
24 Hunted Michael J. Ciaraldi
24 Island of the Cat People Amanda Lozada
24 Living with Them Samuel Frank Feller
24 Perspective Sarah Pavis
24 Situation Critical Herman Servatius
24 Stuck in a Moment Amanda Jean Nowack
24 There`s No Way Out of Here Steven S. Taylor
23 Break a Sweat Hilary Lohnes Hayes
23 Bunker Aaron Rowe
23 Convolution Ben Sandofsky
23 Daddy`s Girl Catherine Darensbourg
23 Empty Bed Frame Jacob Given
23 Five Minutes of my Life (For Ng) Ben Sandofsky
23 Heaven is Filled with Toasters Hilary Lohnes Hayes
23 Intent Dan Gilbreath
23 Mr. Black Eric Mill
23 Passing Catherine Darensbourg
23 Poetic License Dean O`Donnell
23 Red Line Michael J. Ciaraldi
23 Rocinante and his Two Donkeys Sarah Pavis
23 Transaction Completed Hilary Lohnes Hayes
23 Unauthorized Transactions Ryan Carley
22 A Slice of Grief (a short play in 5 stages) Chris Cenotti
22 A Viking Walks by Karen Singh
22 Among Friends... Peter James Miller
22 Anomaly Dean O`Donnell
22 Captions Michael J. Ciaraldi
22 Entropy Ben Sandofsky
22 It`s Noon. Do You Know Where Your Gun is? Nick Barnes
22 It`s Not Identity Theft If You Pay The Bills On Time Catherine Darensbourg
22 Two Graves Michael J. Ciaraldi
22 We`ve Got Soul David Hartman
22 You`re Never Alone Ben Sandofsky
21 A Friend`s Confession Paul F. Messier
21 A Total Chick Flick Hilary Lohnes Hayes
21 Big Box Fred Cassellius
21 British invasion Stephani Carney
21 Build Me a Bridge Hillary Lohnes Hayes
21 Dining Out Ryan Petti
21 Knavish Normality Marissa Cartwright
21 Of Mice and Mensa Jesse Parent
21 Paper Wings Ben Sandofsky
21 Premonition Ryan Seney
21 Said, Not Said Dean O`Donnell
21 Soft Targets Steven Taylor
21 The Shrink Drink Hilary Lohnes Hayes
21 To Keep and To Wear Forever Michael Ciaraldi
20 Apron Strings Elliot Field
20 Death of an Innocent Peter James Miller
20 Feet in Danger Elliot Field
20 First Date Michael J. Ciaraldi
20 I Want Dean O`Donnell
20 It`s Okay, Tony Paul (Knobby Part) Irish
20 Lost in Translation Catherine Darensbourg
20 Sixty-Six Matt Tucker
20 Someone to Talk to Elliot Field
20 The Business of Men Ben Sandofsky
20 The Cornfield Jessica Buckingham
20 The Dinner Guest Herman and Cecilia Servatius
20 There are Monsters Under my Eyelids Lisa Norkus
19 as seen through a coffee shop window Matt Tucker
19 Battle Cry Randall Wainwright
19 Dial Tones Randall Wainwright
19 For the Team Dean O`Donnell
19 Good Girl! Jordan Maddock
19 Guerilla Improv
19 Mainmind Deb Shea
19 Monologue Fred Cassellius
19 Roses in Winter Meghan Fraizer
19 Sarenna D. Randall Wainwright
19 Straight Seth McNear
19 There`s Always A Loophole Cecilia Servatius
18 (Yawn) Meghan Fraizer
18 Alone [Anonymous]
18 Baseball Jim (Roy) Nichols
18 Cheese III: The Tale of the Twisted Twins Dave Eaton
18 Computer Novice Catherine Darensbourg
18 Dirty Underwear William Woerter
18 Drain Fiends Jessica Buckingham
18 His Pet Peter Miller
18 Johnny`s Show and Tell Fred Cassllius
18 Monopoly Dean O`Donnell
18 Obsession Stephen Christopher
18 Samuel Adams Black Leather Pants Jimmy the Cook
18 Serve Cold Patrick Brennan
18 Sex, Death and Travel Morgan Rosenburg
18 Standard Minivan Accessory Package Thomas Carr
18 The Horror of Being an O.C. Tara Sujko
18 The Idiosyncrasies of Being Four Jessica Buckingham
18 What Goes Around Matt Tucker
18 Would You Like to Try a Super Combo Steven Siegmund
17 A Stone`s Throw Away from Happy Craig Henrickson
17 A Word From Our Sponsor Dean O`Donnell
17 Artistic License Catherine Darensbourg
17 Damsels Tom Russell
17 Forbidden Fruit Tom Russell
17 How Long Live the King Matt Tucker
17 Leather Susan Vick
17 Master William`s `Theatre of the Dead` Peter James Miller
17 Serial Killers Dean O`Donnell
17 Sex Sells Anthony Ball and Dave Eaton
17 The Diplomats or Affairs of the State A Tale of Urbino Tom Russell
17 The Understudy Catherine Darensbourg
16 A Midsemester`s Night`s Time Travel Catherine Darensbourg
16 And God Spoke... Tom Russell
16 Cheap Thrill Aaron Chandler-Worth and Ben Wong
16 Falling FaSade Helene Andersson and Kim Belli
16 Lightning Marc McKenney
16 Monday? Amy Sinyei
16 My Aunt the Vegetarian Catherine Darensbourg
16 Remirroring Katherine Journeay
16 The Ballad of the Babysitter Catherine Darensbourg
16 The Debtors Tom Russell
16 The Origin of Our Species David Pazzano
16 The Secret Is... Tom Russell
16 Wasted Land Kristin Shepard
16 We Are the Cheeze II: Cheese Molds Anthony Ball and Dave Eaton
16 What`s the Difference? Dean O`Donnell
16 Without Carol King
15 Area 48 Tom Russell
15 http://www.life.net/~grief Tom Russell
15 If You`re So Inclined Kenny Volock
15 Life is Hardcore N. Harrison Ripps
15 Missing Person Chuck Homic
15 Name Kat Damaso
15 Scream of the Butterfly Morgan Rosenberg
15 Seraphim`s Indecision Reid Macdonald
15 The Chili Incident Scott Runstrom
15 The Fright before Christmas Jeff Chausse
15 The Interview Jeff Chausse
15 The Magic & the Heat Dean O`Donnell
15 The Snitch Kenny Volock
15 Waiting for Something Morgan Rosenberg and Susan Vick
15 We Are the Cheeze Anthony Ball, Dave Eaton and the Purple Donkey
14 A Little Bitch at the World Amy Sinyei
14 A View from the Tower Roy Rubenstein
14 Descent from Eden Catherine Darensbourg
14 Imperfect Timing Amy Sinyei
14 It`s All Part of the Game Jed Miller and Steven Siegmund
14 Legwork Dean O`Donnell
14 Lunch with Walt Tom Carr
14 Phone Tag: A Love Story Roy Rubenstein
14 Retrain (Protocol) N. Harrison Ripps
14 Six Tales From Urbino Tom Russell
14 Sunflower Sutra Mike Andrews
14 The Divine Comedy Morgan Rosenberg
14 The Three Journeymen Dean O`Donnell
14 Tonight? Dan Afonso
13 All American Smallpox Morgan Rosenberg
13 Artificial Life Tom Russell
13 Damn the Torpedoes Tom Russell
13 Encounter Dawn Varacchi
13 Foul Play Tom Guyette
13 Fred: In an Effluent Society Keith Franklin
13 Grace Dean O`Donnell
13 Hang-Ups Catherine Darensbourg
13 Insert Quarters Tom Russell
13 Judas Iscariot Carlos Zapata
13 Lava Jean Strauss
13 No Offense Intended Roy Rubenstein
13 One Fine Day in Washington Kenny Volock
13 Passions Dean O`Donnell
13 Please Not the Fleas Jeffrey Chausse
13 Rewrite Jeffrey Chausse
13 The Death of Comrade Petrov Jean Strauss
13 The Great Cowtown Bank Robbery Kenny Volock
13 The Shepard`s Flute is Always Playing Reid MacDonald
13 The Teddy Bear N. Harrison Ripps
13 The Three Servants Tom Russell
13 The Wrong Side of the Bed Dawn Varacchi
12 aArdvark Emporium aArdvark Emporium
12 An Appointment Nick Walker
12 Brickfall Tom Carr
12 Destruction of Tokyo Nick Walker
12 Exile From Elysian Fields Reid MacDonald
12 Happily Ever After Tom Russell
12 I`m Not Sure, the Program is Hard to Read Derek Bacon
12 Johnny Is... Helene Andersson
12 Out of the Cold Dean O`Donnell
12 Pick Me Up, Put Me Down Morgan D. Rosenberg
12 Spilt Milk, or The Stereotypical New Voices Play: What Happens When Four Strings Walk Into a Bar and Order Banana Daquiris Helene Andersson, Derek Bacon, Andrew Patrarca, and John Trussell
12 The Heirloom Quilt Shelly Anne Cote
12 The Last Dance Morgan D. Rosenberg
12 Where`s the Cheese? Roy S. Rubinstein
12 You`re Screwed! Chain Link Fence, as told by Dawn M. Varacchi
11 A Moment`s Lucidity Matt Meyer
11 A Woman`s Touch James Moore
11 BAA James D. White
11 ChainLink Fence
11 Guardian Angel Duane Morin
11 Inmate Conversations II: Deal With This James Moore
11 Murder on the Pan Am Express Allen Stering
11 Once Bitten, Twice Shot Matthew Skawinski
11 Pieces of a Broken Heart Chad Council
11 Shakespeare`s Other Play Ken Hinckley
11 Standing Still in a Moving Place Joshua Brandt
11 Table for One Morgan Rosenberg
11 The Convention Club Anthony J. DeFusco
11 The Glass Wall of VietNam Dale Albert
11 The Match Breaker Anthony J. DeFusco
11 Trials and Tribulations of Jedi Nite School Erik L. Felton
11 Who to Cling to James Moore
11 Why? Joe Curtin
11 Wish You Were Here James Moore
10 A Form of Love Story Timothy McInerney
10 Buzz Reid MacDonald
10 Cloud Chamber Charles Lyons
10 Dark Love Kelli Clark
10 Hats Duane Morin and Rob Douglas
10 Inmate Conversations Jim Moore
10 Production!?! William Katzman
10 Quintus Pryde II Robert H. Tarr
10 Rite of Passage Kajsa Cadwell
10 Run Rabbit Run Kyle Outlaw
10 Sabel Kelli Clark
10 Some Assembly Required
10 The Dentaphilliac Kajsa Cadwell
10 The Doll Maker Anthony DeFusco
10 The Dreamery Catherine Darensbourg
10 The Protagonist Michael O`Malley
9 A Day at Pancake King or Revenge of the Mutant Metal Medicine Man from the Center of the Earth Gary DelGrego and Jeff Yoder
9 Behind Clothes Doors Catherine Darensbourg
9 Blacklight James D. White and Jonathan T. Drummey
9 Dada Various Authors
9 HeadLines William Katzman
9 Heart of Stone Cathleen Foley
9 How to be a Superhero in Ten Easy Steps or How to Take Your Child to Psychotherapy After the Dog Ate His Cabbage Patch Doll Paul Szlyk
9 Motherhood Jonathan T. Drummey
9 Out to Dry Catherine Darensbourg
9 Reservation for One J. DeWitt Waldin
9 Scenes From a Drive-in Movie Robert H. Tarr
9 Some Assembly Required an Improvisational Group
9 The Case of the Sordid Affairs Kevin Dahm and Brian Weissman
9 The Protagonist Mike O`Malley
9 TicTalk Jen Wiley with H MacKiernan
9 Time to Say Goodbye Duane D. Morin
9 To Mock a Killingbird Anne Marie O`Connor
9 Transients, A Play in One Act Geoffrey Waldin
9 Why Oranges Are Apples Ken Hinckley
8 ! Mark Simpson
8 Improv or Drivin` In My Car Cynthia Gould
8 It`s the Thought That Counts Kevin Dahm
8 Jessie Kelli Clark
8 Kaleidescope Don Ross, Dale Kingsbury, Brian Fennell, and Rob Crocker
8 Living Room Charles Lyons
8 Parting Shot Jeff Waldin
8 Patchwork Quilt - The Improvisational Group Brian "Oy!" Weissman
8 quintus pryde, private eye Robert Tarr
8 Something Without a Title Jonathan Drummey
8 The Wrong Side Scott Burroughs
8 This is Your Afterlife or No Exit Meets the Price is Right William Bullard
8 Twitch Rob Everton
8 Wandering Jeff Waldin
8 Warm Beer on a Cold Day Jeff Yoder and Gary Delgrego
8 You Never Told Me William Bullard
7 A Fugue Andy Wang
7 Astral Fantasy Rob Everton
7 Beast Incarnate Brian Freeman
7 Don`t Call Me Daddeee William Katzman
7 Getaway Harold MacKiernan
7 It Takes One to Know One Mindy Neligon
7 Jukebox Peter Tousignant
7 Just Think Twice Kristine Gatley
7 MA2051 Rob Tiernan
7 Open Your Eyes... And Look Around Andy Kutner
7 Remembrance William Bullard
7 Ridicule Doesn`t Floss David Scampoli
7 Seasons in the Sun Eric Salvador
7 Something I Have to Do Duane Morin and Karen Dockrey
7 Speech 101 Rob Everton
7 Submission Anne Marie O`Connor
7 Tall Hat, Deadly Hat Michael Yoder
7 The Black Tulip Ellie Falsafi
7 The Clubhouse Brian Berg
7 The Final Chapter (tentatively) Brian Weissman
7 The Miracle of Life or Just When You Thought You Were Going To Bed Early, Someone Sets the Clocks Ahead Steven Delfino
7 The Treasure Chest Cynthia Gould
7 Twilight of the Gods Jon Lamkins
7 Ventriloquist Todd Fantz
7 Walking the Line Jim White
7 What`s Her Name! David Degrange
7 Written by Me... Myself.. And I Cheryl Church and Jon Lamkins
6 A Call to Freedom Jon Lamkins
6 A Day... David Caiati
6 Gedankenexperiment David Bacheller
6 Ghoul Brian Freeman
6 Honestly Now Patrick Brennan
6 In My Thoughts and in My Words Cheryl Church
6 In Plain Sight (Under Everything Else) Tom Balon and Caleb Warner
6 Jade Tony Mastromatteo
6 Lavender Winter Lee Lopes
6 Maybe It's Not Too Late Ann Palmer
6 Peacocks and Big Blocks Jeff Herbert
6 Pity Ann Palmer
6 The Life and Times of John Smith Jonathan Drummey
6 The Night After Ann Palmer
6 The Video Project
6 Vaders Patrick Brennan
6 Weather the Storm Jeff Yoder
6 Wipeout Nancy Teasdale
6 Yechnology Rob Everton
5 Avoir De L`Endurance Lynda Grzyb
5 Believe in Me Cheryl Church
5 Best of Friends Jim C. Shea
5 Birds Too John Skogstrom
5 Catnip John Whyte
5 Ears Patrick Brennan
5 Incipience Jim Shea
5 It All Depends on How You Look at It David Caiati
5 It Was Too Easy Ann Palmer
5 Mile Marker Jamie Anderson
5 No Tengo Que Llorar (Por El Resto De Mi Vida) Nancy Teasdale
5 Old Flame Patrick Brennan
5 Taking Liberties Patrick Brennan
5 The Brahma Game Brian Freeman
5 Title Kristin Nygard
5 Why Did You Tell Me? Ann Palmer
4 Daddy Would be so Proud Penny Hawley
4 Free Will John Whyte
4 I Travel Dean O`Donnell
4 Icebreaker Kathy Notariani
4 Inter-reActions Nancy
4 Jan Always Taught Me How To Listen Ann Palmer
4 Maze Kathy Notariani
4 Monologue for Algernon Mary Kendrick
4 Quadrature Rich Belcinski
4 Revelations Nancy
4 Stewart Patrick Brennan
3 A Student Written Play Mary Kendrick
3 Monologues Dean O`Donnell, Carmen Romeo, and Susan Vick
3 Serendipity David Fraioli, Lynda Grzyb, Nancy Kuran, Tony Mastromatteo, and John Skogstrom
3 Solo Peter Hamill
3 The Road to Valmy Rich Belcinski
2 Brennschluss Patrick Brennan
2 In Loving Memory of William Robert Stinnson Kurtis Stephens
2 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead Tom Stoppard
2 The Walk Dean O`Donnell
1 A Time Piece Joanne Shatkin
1 Evermore William Howe
1 Hello Out There Saroyan
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