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Work-Study Associates

The Work-Study Associates work with the Department of Humanities and Arts Drama/Theatre Division to ensure the Resource Library is maintained and Academic Credit is provided to students in a reasonable manner. The Work-Study Associates are also available to answer questions about the Humanities Requirement, Minors in Drama/Theatre, and Majors in Humanities and Arts.

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Rachel Rynazewski

Title: Peer Learning Assistant
Email: rarynazewsi@wpi.edu
Grad Year: 2018
Major(s): Mechanical Engineering
Minor(s): Drama/Theatre
Areas of Interest/Knowledge: Lighting, Stage Management, Acting
Favorite Theatrical Term: Funny (an adaptor cable)

Katelyne Sibley

Title: Assistant to Director of Theatre
Email: kjsibley@wpi.edu
Grad Year: 2017
Major(s): Biochemistry
Areas of Interest/Knowledge: Dramaturgy, House Management, Acting, Publicity
Favorite Theatrical Term: Dramaturg

Katie Pelissari

Title: Resource Librarian
Email: kpelissari@wpi.edu
Grad Year: 2018
Major(s): Environmental & Sustainability Studies
Minor(s): Statistics
Areas of Interest/Knowledge: Scenic Art, Publicity, Producing, Acting, Makeup
Favorite Theatrical Term: Thrust stage

Holly Gagnon

Title: Assistant Resource Librarian
Email: hggagnon@wpi.edu
Grad Year: 2019
Major(s): Mechanical Engineering
Minor(s): Drama/Theatre
Areas of Interest/Knowledge: Lighting, stage management, house
Favorite Theatrical Term: Top Hat

Kyra Bresnahan

Title: Assistant Peer Learning Assistant
Email: krbresnahan@wpi.edu
Grad Year: 2020
Major(s): Computer Science
Areas of Interest/Knowledge: Stage Management, Props, Costumes
Favorite Theatrical Term: Exeunt

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