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Humanities and Arts Requirement: Inquiry Seminar/Practicum

What is the HUA Requirement?

The HUA Requirement, hereafter called the HQP, is a project designed to empower students to understand the balance between technology and humanistic education with emphasis on inquiry-based learning approaches. The registrar has some more information on The HUA Requirement, hereafter called the HQP, is a project designed to the HUA Requirement here.

What does a Drama/Theatre HQP entail?

A Drama/Theatre HQP involves performing a role on a theatrical show in either B or D Term. This can by any role: acting, directing, crew head, designer, dramaturgy, exec, etc. that is required for that show. There are 2 Drama/Theatre HQPs offered during these terms:

Acting, Directing, and Dramaturgy - Advised by the Director of Theatre

Theatre Technology and Management - Advised by the Administrator of Theatre Technology

There is also an Inquiry Seminar held in B Term titled Playwright's Workshop.

If you want more details about what a Drama/Theatre HQP is about you can check out our Practicum Resource Library or ask a Drama/Theatre staff member in the D/T Office, SL 018.

How can I register for an HQP in Drama/Theatre?

For a general overview of how to register for an HQP, refer to this document provided by the Registrar's office.

The Drama/Theatre division of HUA has certain courses which we offer that are considered Drama/Theatre courses. This document outlines how to count different HUA courses towards your depth, breadth, and humanities elective categories if pursuing an HQP in Drama/Theatre.

A simple breakdown is as follows:

1 Unit - Depth - Drama/Theatre recognized courses

1/3 Unit - Breadth - HUA courses from other disciplines separate from your Depth

1/3 Unit - Humanities Elective - Any HUA course (including additional Drama/Theatre courses)

Once you have met these requirements, you must fill out an HQP Registration Form and bring it to the Drama/Theatre office, SL 018, to be signed and copied. Alternatively, you can come to the office and fill out this form physically with a D/T Office staff member if you have questions. Once it is signed by your future HQP advisor, we will give you a copy to bring to the Registrar's Office. They will officially register you in the HQP on Bannerweb.

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