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How can I get a Minor in HUA D/T?

Achieving a minor in HUA Drama/Theatre is quite simple to do. It only requires 2 units of work distributed as follows:

4/3 units of Drama/Theatre Courses:

These can be from the classes listed on the Courses page including all ISPs.

If you completed your HQP in Drama/Theatre as well, you can double-count up to 1 unit of the courses used to fulfill that requirement towards your minor.

You cannot double-count your HQP course (HU3900/HU3910) towards your minor.

1/3 unit of Drama/Theatre Performances:

This is fulfilled through completing 2 ISPs (1/6 unit each)

1/3 unit of Drama/Theatre Capstone Experience:

This is fulfilled through completing an additional 2 ISPs (1/6 unit each).

How do I sign up for a Minor in HUA D/T?

Once you know that you want to complete a minor in HUA D/T, you need to submit a Minor Declaration Form and submit it to the Registrar Office. This is just a statement of your intent to complete a minor in HUA D/T, not a statement that it has been completed.

The next step is to submit a Minor in Drama/Theatre Approval Form listing all your course/ISP credits you are using to fulfill your minor requirements. Once it is filled out, bring it to the Drama/Theatre Office (SL 018) to get signed by Professor Susan Vick. Once it's signed, take it to the Registrar Office and they will update your minor status on Bannerweb.

If you need help filling out any of these forms, an office staff member will be more than happy to help assist you during their office hours.

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