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How can I get a Major in HUA D/T?

Achieving a major in HUA Drama/Theatre is a lot of work, but a wonderful opportunity nonetheless. This document details the coursework required to major in HUA D/T. A simple breakdown of the theatre-related courses required for the major is as follows:

2 Units - Your HQP (can be in any HUA discipline)

1 Unit - Additional HUA course/ISP credits from any discipline

2 Units - HUA Drama/Theatre coursework or ISP credits

1 Unit - HUA Drama/Theatre MQP

Note: You still need to complete the basic requirement of any degree from WPI in addition to your theatrical work; again, reference the document linked above.

How do I complete a Major in HUA D/T?

Once you've decided to major in HUA D/T, the first step is to talk to the Director of Theatre and let them know you wish to major (they will most likely be your advisor). Once you've talked with the Director of Theatre, you will need to declare your HUA D/T Major through Bannerweb. After you have finished the required coursework, you are ready to do your MQP.

Talk to your D/T Advisor about what you want to do your MQP in and during what production it will be completed. Your MQP will be your work on the production, then you must submit an MQP report. Once you submit your report to your advisor and it gets approved you will have successfully completed your major in HUA D/T.

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