Drama / Theatre

Drama/Theatre Facilities and Lab Spaces

The Little Theatre

The Little Theatre is where our current productions come to life. The dynamic space was created from what had been a pizza and sub shop with a grant from the Alden trust in a grant negotiated by past President of WPI, Dr. Dennis Berkey. Dr. Berkey and Professor Vick worked with Denise Rodino on the proposal for the Little Theatre, and ongoing consultants were Dean O'Donnell, Jeff Zinn, and Paul Messier (2005 ECE/HU Concentration in Drama/Theatre). To learn more, click here.

Scenic Design Studio

Renovated in the summer of 2008, the Scenic Design Studio provides students with a dedicated HUA Drama/Theatre space to create and design scenic elements for performances. The Studio contains a wide range of tools for wood working, as well as a flexible area for design, creation, and storage. The space is used and maintained by the Little Theatre Squad and the Squad Associates. The officers of Masque offer advice on updating equipment, take care of inventory, and work with Masque productions to maintain safety and security.

Alden Green Room

The Alden Green Room, located directly behind the stage, is another dedicated HUA Drama/Theatre space. This area can function as cross-over during shows on the Alden Hall stage. Most of the time, however, when no show is in production onstage, the space is reserved for rehearsals and meetings.

100 Institute Road, Worcester MA 01609-2280 | Fax: +1-508-831-5932 | Email: littletheatre@wpi.edu
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