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Academic Theatre

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        Why do we have academic theatre at WPI?

There are many ways to receive credit for your work in Drama/Theatre.

We currently offer nine courses:
  • EN 1221. Introduction to Drama: Theatre on the Page and on the Stage
  • EN 1222. Shakespeare in the Age of Elizabeth
  • EN 2221. American Drama
  • EN 2222. Theatre Workshop
  • EN 2224. Shakespeare: Nothing but Love
  • EN 2235. The American Dream: Myth in Literature and the Popular Imagination
  • EN 3222. Forms in World Drama
  • EN 3223. Forms in Modern Drama
  • EN 3224. Shakespeare Seminar
We also offer a series of performance-based Independent Study/Practicum courses. To earn credit in these courses, you must spend time working on a theatre production. For each show, you have the potential to earn one-sixth unit of credit. These courses are listed below:
  • TH 1225. Theatre Production Practicum
  • TH 2225. Acting
  • TH 2227. Advanced Acting
  • TH 2229. Advanced Theatre Production Practicum
  • TH 3225. Directing
  • TH 3227. Advanced Directing
  • TH 3229. Dramaturgy
  • TH 4225. Theatre Technology Design
  • TH 4227. Advanced Theatre Technology Design
  • TH 4229. Advanced Dramaturgy
Contact our Drama/Theatre Office for more information.

100 Institute Road, Worcester MA 01609-2280 | Fax: +1-508-831-5932 | Email: theatre@wpi.edu
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