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This page contains all of the information necessary for eligibles that wish to join Tau Beta Pi. The initition process occurs twice a year, with initiation ceremonies in B-term and D-term, though the process to join begins in A-term and C-term, respectively.


The following three forms need to be completed by all eligibles wishing join Tau Beta Pi:


All forms need to be into the SAO Mailbox by the date indicated on the list of events, so that officers will have enough time to sort them before member elections. Please remember to check with your faculty recommendation as to whether they have submitted your form to us. We're not responsible for checking with faculty members in regards to forms that were not received so please verify this ASAP.

For 2014 fall semester, all forms are due by November 5.

Who's Eligible

Tau Beta Pi inducts students in engineering majors and that are in the top eighth (for juniors) or top fifth (for seniors) of the engineering majors in their graduating class. Sophomores with enough credits to be considered juniors (due to transfer or A.P. credits) will also be placed on the junior list and will be considered eligible if they are in the top eighth of the junior class, as well. Graduate students in engineering majors can also be eligible if they are in the top half of their class and have completed at least half of their graduate degree requirements. The ranking is by GPA based on the grades at the end of the previous semester.


Beyond being in the top of one's class, there are a number of other requirements to be completed for those who are eligible.

The requirements for membership have two purposes. One is to demonstrate that initiates have good character. The second is to provide interaction between initiates and current members. They are as follows:

  • Each candidate must complete at least 5 hours of community service. A report for this is available above on this webpage and must be completed and submitted to the Tau Beta Pi mailbox in the SAO. Recently completed or the commitment to an upcoming service events qualify.
  • Each candidate must attend at least 2 Tau Beta Pi social events. One of the attended events must be an Engineering Futures session, the other can either be the bowling social or the bent making social.
  • Each candidate must have a faculty recommendation form filled out by one faculty or staff member at WPI. The form for this is available above on this webpage and must be completed and submitted to the Tau Beta Pi mailbox in the SAO by the faculty member.
  • Each candidate must assist in the "Big Bent" polishing for a period of 30 minutes. A signup form will be made available on the web site and eligibles will be notified via email when they need to sign up.
  • Candidates may not have any record of academic dishonesty at WPI. A consent form is available above on this webpage and must be completed and submitted to the Tau Beta Pi mailbox in the SAO so a check may be run. If you do not want a check to be run, that is your choice; however, you will not be considered for membership.
  • Each candidate will construct for himself or herself a custom bent, the symbol of Tau Beta Pi. The bent will be worn at the initiation ceremony. Remember to be creative! Some craft supplies will be provided at the Bent making social so you can get started but feel free to use any other materials. There will also be prizes given away at initiation for most creative and most accurate bent so make it look good!


Dues are a one-time payment of $90, which includes dues to national, the chapter, and the cost of the initiation banquet. If you choose not to go to the banquet, the cost is $70. Financial assistance is available through confidential loans on a need-basis. Financial concerns should not be a reason to decline membership in Tau Beta Pi.

All dues go to: Tau Beta Pi c/o Student Activities Attn: Ashley Morgan

All checks should be addressed to Tau Beta Pi. If you cannot pay with a check, please talk to the officers to arrange payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

"How does this whole TBP initiation process work?"

Those eligible for joining are determined based on their class ranking, as provided by the Registrar. Students do not need to contact TBP or apply for anything to get on this initial list of eligibles. As an eligible, there are a number of requirements to complete to verify your character and allow the members to get to know you (see "Requirements" above). After all of these requirements are complete, the current members will have an election to decide which eligibles who have completed requirements should be admitted into Tau Beta Pi. Those that are elected will attend an initiation ceremony, which will include a banquet afterwards.

"I can't make the informational meeting due to class or some other commitment. What do I do?"

This is purely an informational meeting and all of the details you need will be made available online after the meeting and sent to eligibles via email. If you have attended one of these meetings in the past, then it is not necessary to attend. This meeting is primarily for those who are unfamiliar with Tau Beta Pi and want to know more about us.

"I'm away on project during A-term/C-term, can I still join?"

We've made sure that those of you away will still be able to complete all of the requirements in the first few weeks of B-term/D-term.

"I'm away on project during B-term/D-term, can I still join?"

Unfortunately, because the initiation event itself is during B-term/D-term, it won't be possible to join if you can't make initiation. However, you can attend events during A-term/C-term and you credit for them as well as your eligibility will carry over to the next semester.

"I was away on project B-term/D-term, but completed some requirements. Will those carry over?"

We have all the records from previous semesters and those of you with completed requirements will not need to repeat them.

"When do we pay the dues?"

Dues must be submitted to the Tau Beta Pi Mailbox in SAO by the date indicated on the list of events. In the event that an eligible is not elected for membership or cannot attend Initiation, the full amount for dues will be refunded.