Ordinary Differential Equations
MA2051 B04-B10 - 2014 B term

Professor Dr. Suzanne L. Weekes
Office 202D Stratton Hall
Email sweekes@wpi.edu
Office Hours Mon 9-10, Thurs 3-4 and by appt.
Course Web Page http://www.wpi.edu/~sweekes/MA2051
Lecture MTRF 2:00 - 3:00 Salisbury Labs 115
Grading Quizzes = 20%
Homework = 30%
Exams = 2 x 25% = 50%             Tuesday 18th Nov, 2014 (tentatively) and Thursday 18th Dec, 2014
Textbook Introduction to Differential Equations by S. Farlow
Teaching Assistant Brian Kodalen bgkodalen@wpi.edu
Office Hours: Stratton Hall 204:   Wed 2-4, Fri 12-2
Important Information Conferences and Teaching Team , Course Outline , Course Information ,
Lecture and HW Schedule
Students with Disabilities , Academic Dishonesty

Conferences and Teaching Team

PLA Hongji (Elliot) Yu
Section B04 - SH 304, TR 12:00-12:50
email: hyu@wpi.edu
PLA Erica Ford
Section B05 - SH 304, TR 10:00-10:50
email: edford@wpi.edu
PLA Sadie Gauthier
Section B06 - SH 309, TR 9:00-9:50
email: sggauthier@wpi.edu
PLA Sarun Paisarnsrisomsuk
Section B07 - SH 304, TR 1:00-1:50
email: spaisarnsrisomsu@wpi.edu
PLA Lin (Amber) Jiang
Section B08 - SH 106, TR 12:00-12:50
email: ljiang@wpi.edu
PLA Alexander Sunde-Brown
Section B09 - SH 308, TR 3:00-3:50
email: asundebrown@wpi.edu
TA Brian Kodalen
Section B10 - SH 304, TR 11:00-11:50
email: bgkodalen@wpi.edu

Course Outline

This is a first course in differential equations.
In many ways this course is the capstone of our basic mathematics sequence. You will use many of the concepts introduced in your previous calculus courses and gain further insights regarding their application in science and engineering. The topics in this course provide essential background and preparation for many other courses at WPI and you will use them throughout your career.

Our goal is that you truly understand and become proficient in the material covered.
At the end of this course you should be able to Recommended background: Calculus I-IV, i.e. MA1021-MA1024.

Course Information

The class meets six times a week: four times in lecture with the professor, and twice in conference with your TA or PLA. You are responsible for any and all material discussed in lecture and conference.

Aside from the 6 hours that you spend in class each week, you should devote at least another 8-10 hours to studying on your own: reading the book, reading and organizing your notes, solving problems.

The conference sessions are conducted by a member of this course's teaching team.
Lecture, homework and review material may be discussed during these hours.
The majority of the paper shuffling work of the course will occur during the conference sessions.
Please note that you must attend the conference section for which you are registered.

Homework is a required component of the course and is assigned for each section of the book covered.
Problems will be assigned daily and posted on the class web page at http://users.wpi.edu/~sweekes/MA2051/Schedule_B2014.html
It is necessary to do, at a minimum, the assigned problems so that you can learn and understand the mathematics. You should do additional problems for further practice. You should feel free to discuss homework with one another, however, homework solutions must be written up on your own and must not be copied from any one else's work or from anywhere else.
Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.

Homework will be collected in each conference section. No late homework will be accepted.

Your work should be very legible and done neatly. If the work is not presentable, and is illegible, you will not receive credit for it.
Please staple the sheets of your assignment together.
Do not use paper torn out of spiral bound notebooks. In the upper right hand corner of your assignment you should write your name, the class section number, and the list of book sections for the assignment. Discipline yourself to write clear readable solutions, they will be of great value as review.

There will be short 15-minute quizzes on the course material that will be given from time to time.
Your 4 best quiz scores will be counted towards your grade. Check the daily course schedule at http://users.wpi.edu/~sweekes/MA2051/Schedule_B2014.html to see when a quiz is coming up.
There are absolutely no make-up quizzes. If you miss a conference meeting for any reason, this will simply count as a zero on the quiz and ought to be dropped when calculating your quiz score.

There will be two in-class exams.
EXAM I will tentatively be on Tuesday 18th November, 2014.
EXAM II will definitely be on Thursday 18th December, 2014.
No calculators or books may be used during these exams.
No make-up exams will be given.

Mathematics Tutoring Center:
The Mathematics Tutoring Center located outside of Stratton Hall 002A is available for any WPI student taking a course in calculus, differential equations, statistics, and linear algebra. MASH:
The Academic Resources Center also holds Math and Science Help (MASH) for MA2051.
The MA2051 Mash Leader is Rachel Wigell and she is available as follows:

Academic Dishonesty

Please read WPI's Academic Honesty Policy and all its pages. Make note of the examples of academic dishonesty; i.e. acts that interfere with the process of evaluation by misrepresentation of the relation between the work being evaluated (or the resulting evaluation) and the student's actual state of knowledge.
Each student is responsible for familiarizing him/herself with academic integrity issues and policies at WPI. All suspected cases of dishonesty will be fully investigated.
Ask Prof. Weekes if you are in any way unsure whether your proposed actions/collaborations will be considered academically honest or not.
Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities who believe that they may need accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact the Disability Services Office (DSO), as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. The DSO is located in the Student Development and Counseling Center and the phone number is 508-831-4908, e-mail is DSO@WPI.

If you are eligible for course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability (whether or not you choose to use these accommodations), or if you have medical information that I should know about please make an appointment with me immediately.