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Howdy! Welcome to my website. I'm Sameer Kamath, a student at Mass Academy in Worcester.

Mass Academy Logo Wearing a Red Jacket
There I am in the second picture, traversing the halls of Grafton High School, my sending school, circa 2015.


I love running, and it makes me happy. I have been running for four years now. I did cross-country and track at my sending school. Cross-country running is really fun, and there’s nothing like jogging in the beautiful woods of Grafton. However, my best mile ever was actually at a track meet in Auburn. Also, I ran my personal best of 19:32 at 3 miles at a cross-country meet against Tantasqua. I enjoy watching elite runners run races such as the Olympic marathon. They can run the entire distance at under five minutes per mile, which is a blistering pace.

Fun Volunteering

I also enjoy doing community service around Grafton and Worcester. I work at the Grafton Public Library. I shelve books, transport boxes, find missing books, and remove labels. This helps librarians so that they can focus on helping people at the front desk. Also, I have worked at the Grafton Community Barn, where I harvested crops and picked weeds. Last summer I was a high school helper for a middle school robotics course at WPI. We helped the middle-schoolers build and program Lego robots.

Robotics Camp
A robotics workshop during my volunteering at WPI


I am learning how to play the electric guitar. I like playing classic Guns N' Roses songs such as Sweet Child of Mine and Paradise City. It's easy to find accurate tablature online. I have also created some of my own riffs and strumming patterns. During my sophomore year, my guitar teacher helped me get started by teaching me basic chords and riffs. Since then, I have been learning on my own.


I build and program Vex robots with my dad. I have learned to use sensors such as line trackers, sonar sensors, gyroscopes, and shaft encoders. Programming the motors and sensors with RobotC is a lot of fun. We spend a good amount of time debugging, however.

Vex Robot
                    This is a Vex robot that I assembled.