Welcome To My Website!

Hi, my name is Suhani Amin, and this is my website! I live in Shrewsbury, and I used to go to the Advanced Math and Science Academy. I now attend the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science. Click on any of the above tabs to learn about me and the classes I am currently taking!

About Me

My sister and I at prom Mariss and I from Prom When we skipped school My new friends from Mass Academy A picture from prom Me and my AMSA friends Three of my friends and I before our dance recital A night at Garba

This is my personal page! Scroll down to learn about my hobbies, interests, and activities I enjoy outside of school!

Music and Arts

My night at a Coldplay concert Music has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember! I started piano when I was four, and have been consistently playing for twelve years. Over the years, I have learned to play a variety of music, ranging from classical to modern day pop, to ragtime and blues, but I am currently playing Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy. While I no longer play as much as I want to, music has become part of who I am, and I hope that I never forget how to play the piano. Outside of playing the piano, I love listening to all types of music all the time. I enjoy going to concerts, and the only concerts I have been to were the Coldplay concert and Troye Sivan concert. These nights are some of my favorite memories. Additionally, I enjoy drawing, painting, and coloring. I use music and arts as a stress reliever, and I hope that I can continue to keep this hobby throughout my life.


My Pointe Shoes Me in an arabesque This year will be my 14th year dancing. I dance at Dawn’s School of Dance in Northborough. In 4th and 5th grade, I danced competitively, but I chose not to continue competing due to the academic rigor of my school. Through the years, I have done a variety of dance, such as Lyrical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Classical Ballet, Pointe, and Kickline (like the Rockettes). This year I am doing Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Kickline, but I hope to do more dancing next year. Additionally, I spent my time last year student teaching a class of elementary schoolers, and I enjoyed this time greatly. Dance has become a part of who I am, and although I don’t dance as much anymore, I could not see my life without dance. I have grown to love my Dawn’s School of Dance family.


Rooftop from India The Eiffel Tower My family absolutely loves to travel. We try to make at least one trip a year, ranging anywhere from the East Coast to Asia. I have been visiting India every few years for as long as I can remember, and I love exploring new areas of India, as well as the rich culture embedded into the country. Additionally, I have been to a variety of countries in Europe. Some of these countries include England, France, Italy, and Switzerland. I love looking at not only the individual history of each country (I’m a bit of a history buff), but seeing how many of these European nations are connected in customs and culture. While I am grateful for the places I have gotten to seen, I really want to explore other areas of the world, such as South America or other areas of Asia. I hope that I will never stop traveling, and continue this quasi-tradition on for the rest of my life.

Community Services

Where I volunteered over the summer I have been doing a variety of volunteer programs to take part in during my free time every since the 5th grade. My first experience of providing my time to the community was spending the year by volunteering at the Shrewsbury Public Library. I have continued to volunteer there, and I now work there as well. In addition to spending my time at the library, I have also volunteered at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Worcester, where I brought wheelchairs and stretchers to patients. Over the past summer, I also volunteered at Shrewsbury's Summer Enrichment program, where I helped teach kids the basics of piano. During my junior year, I worked primarily during day projects, including the MAMS Open House and the AMSA-MAMS Pi Day Tournament. For the coming summer, I plan to work at the local farms and soup kitchens. Overall, I enjoy seeing different communities, and I hope I can continue volunteering for as long as I can.