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Tango Dance Social
Feb 23, 2002

Fish Banks
February 12, 2002

Tango Dance Social

Jan 26, 2002

B-Term Speaker

December 4, 2001 CANCELLED due to client emergency
Using Fit Constrained Monte Carlo Trials to Quantify Confidence in Simulation Model Outcomes, A lecture given by System Dynamics Specialist Carol Choi.

Major's Fair
November 15, 2001
The SD club set up a booth with two laptops and a projector at the majors fair in order to create interest in the system dynamics major and club.

Modeling Project!
November 13, 2001
Today we kicked off the System Dynamics Club's modeling project to be based mainly on the gasoline price article.

Tango Dance Social
October 13, 2001
You are cordially invited to join us for a night of tango dancing at the gorgeous Alden Hall. A "dress-up" dance with live music, introductory lesson, and showcase performance.

A-Term Speaker
October 1, 2001 RESCHEDULED
Using Fit Constrained Monte Carlo Trials to Quantify Confidence in Simulation Model Outcomes, A lecture given by System Dynamics Specialist Carol Choi.

Tango Dance Social
September 15, 2001
This dance was an exceptional success and we are very happy for the incredible turnout. We had almost two hundred dancers in WPI Alden Hall! The next dance on October 13 should draw an even bigger crowd.

We had photographers from WPI TechNews and the Worcester Telegram. Besides featured tango professionals Caleb Cain Marcus & Ting Chin, we have many great dancers in the audience, including a tango master who has appeared in the movie "The Tango Lesson." By the way, Worcester Telegram published an article on tango on September 18.

WPI Technews proclaimed, "Tango Dance Leaves WPI Students Foot Loose."
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Worcester Telegram & Gazette article (no longer available for free viewing. available from their archive for a charge)

A-Term Jay Forrester SD Seminar Brown Bag Sessions
September 12, 2001.
September 19, 2001.
September 25, 2001.
October 3, 2001.
October 10, 2001.
These video sessions were courtesy of the WPI SSPS Department, and of course Jay Forrester, who donated the tapes to WPI.

Activities Fair
August 29, 2001
System Dynamics Club has a table at the New Student Orientation student activities Fair.

May 11, 2001
This is an event to encourage teachers and students to know more about system dynamics and systems thinking that was held at WPI. Similar to Symbowl in some aspects, this event has more middle school students. For the best information on this, go to The Creative Learning Exchange. (opens a new window)

May 2, 2001
Symbowl is a science fair for students using System Dynamics tools. Mostly high school students, the participants also include middle and elementary school students. No longer a competition, there are a number of 'coaches' to offer constructive criticism. Two student representatives from WPI went to this event to see what the schools are doing with SD at Portland Oregon area. They showed a WPI student built Limits to Growth learning environment. The WPI students also got to meet the teachers at a dinner that night.

Hiking Trip
April 29, 2001
During the last few days of classes, the System Dynamics Club took a break and left the confines of WPI and Worcester to enjoy the surrounding hills. We went hiking in the Upton State Forest and enjoyed a beautiful day of sunshine and fresh air.

Upton State Forest is home to the typical streams and woodland paths, as well as unique features created during the last ice age. One in particular, known as "Whistling Cave," is two large boulders set against one another with a cave in-between.

It was a fitting end to the year to be surrounded by the majesty of the natural world.

System Dynamics MQP Presentations
April 19, 2001
Two MQPs were presented this past school year for system dynamics and they were both quite cool. Business Dynamics of Lawn Care by Alicia D'Eramo was an SD model of the LawnDoctor company. The Limits to Growth Learning Environment, a team work by Eric Tapley and Pallavi Hiremath made the knowledge gained from the World3 2000 model more accessible to everyone. Did I mention that these were both incredibly cool?

D-Term Jay Forrester SD Seminar Brown Bag Sessions
March 28, 2001.
April 4, 2001.
April 11, 2001.
April 18, 2001.
These video sessions were courtesy of the WPI SSPS Department, and of course Jay Forrester, who gave WPI the tapes. There will be more showings next school year.

Activities Fair Presentation
April 18, 2001.
Activities fair information booth for admitted students
The PowerPoint slideshow

Another SD Presentation
April 18, 2001.
A presentation to accepted students to interest them in the SD major. Presented by Todd Bendor, Michael Campion, and Matt Leclair.

SD Panel for Pugwash
March 31, 2001.
This is really a pugwash event, so for so GOOD info, go to the WPI Student Pugwash site.

Mass Academy presentation
March 23, 2001.
Outreach to high school students. Presented by Matt Leclair, Michael Campion, and Todd Bendor.

Social - Dinner and games
February 23, 2001.
An opportunity to socialize with other SD club members outside of academic setting. Delicious home cooked food and great atmosphere.

A lecture by John Sterman
February 13, 2001.
The Poster.
WPI TechNews Article on February 20, 2001 (opens a new window)

An informational employee panel by Accenture and PA Consulting
January 30, 2001.
The Poster.

Powersim employee presentation
January 29, 2001.
Daniel Angelakis from PowerSim presented examples of SD "simulation applications" that were made for Fortune 500 clients.

The Fish Banks game
December 6, 2000.
The Poster.

The majors fair
November 15, 2000.
A set of Powerpoint slides for the presentation.

SD program review
October 9, 2000.
The professors in the SSPS Department joined with students in a discussion to recieve feedback allowing the Department to improve the System Dynamics program at our school, WPI.

May 10 to May 12, 2000.
SD club members went to a retreat at Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, NH for hiking and camping.

A lecture by Jay Forrester
April 26, 2000.
The Poster.

The Beer Game
March 28, 2000.
The Poster.

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