Each year one team successfully rises above the rest of the competition to become the Champion of the Intergalatic miniFIRST Savage Soccer Tournament. While one might think that Intergalatic Champion would bring the recipient into riches, fame, and doesn't.

Instead, the Champion Team of the Savage Soccer Tournament simply gains the respect of their peers for having designed, assembled and performed their car better than anyone else (or at least the teams the ladder happened to schedule them against).

Year Champions
1995 Andy Ross, Nick Reville, Jeremy Bruce, and Brad Snow
1998 Brian LaPlume, John Brewer, and Tom Traina
1999 Will Durgin, Eric Ursprung, Karen Buch, and Sahar Golestani
2000 Jessi Leuenberger, Ben Cooper, Marek Twarog, and Warren Schudy
2001 Nick Nuzzolilo, Matthew Moisan, Sam Maurer, and Marian Chaffe
2002 Greg Fischvogt, Mike Johnson, Mark Sherman, Josh Carlson, Sarah Miczek, Heather Senecal and Ilana Leshay
2003 Heather Senecal, Jon Gibbons, Jake Portnoy, Dave Merritt, Ashley Farrington, Rachelle Horwitz, Sarah Rich
2004 Matt Fraioli, Brian Wandrei, Patrick Alamed, Jonathan Ogilvie, Paul Dovydiatis, Justin Liu, Yiwei She
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