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Rule Update #3

Wedensday, November 14, 2007


All teams must provide a Bill of Materials which includes the cost of all components on the robot from the additional materials list.

Your team number must be visible on your robot per rule 2.7.16. Your assigned number is available on the Savage Soccer website. Teams must also have a space for a Velcro square per rule 2.7.17.

In order for your robot to work correctly with the competition software, you MUST use the easyC Template, available on the Savage Soccer website. If you are not using the template, you will not pass inspection.


Q: Can plastic dinnerware ie, knifes, spoon, forks, be used on the robot, provided that they are included in the bill of materials, stay within budget, and don't violate any other rules?
A: Yes

Rule Additions / Modifications

Add new rule 2.3.11
2.3.11 In the event that a team does not report to the field in time for the start of their match, they will receive a loss and a DFE of 18. The rest of the members of both coalitions will receive the win/loss and their respective DFE in the match.

Modify Rule Disqualification: Robots may be disqualified based on their actions which violate the rules of the game. If a referee calls for a disqualification during a match, power will be shut off to the offending robot immediately. In all cases, the offending robot will receive a loss and 18 DFE. The rest of the members of both coalitions will receive the win/loss and their respective DFE in qualification matches. If a team is disqualified during an elimination match then the coalition will receive a loss, and the opposing coalition will receive a win.

Rule Update #2

Thursday, November 8, 2007


All teams are allowed to use the actual field to test out their robot. A list of available times can be found at the resources page. To sign up please email us at with your team number and the days and times you want to sign up for. There are more rules about the field use on that page.


Q: Are teams allowed to bring their own birdies and use them during matches?
A: You may bring your own birdies to practice with in the pits, but you must use only the birdies available on the field in official matches and on the practice field.
Q: This question is about the difference from eighteen scoring. Is there any advantage to an alliance scoring more than 18 points? It would seem that if the DFE is measured as the absolute value of 18 minus the alliance score, scoring more than 18 points would hurt your DFE instead of help it. Is that the way it works? Are the additional birdie scores earned in autonomous included in the DFE calculation?
A: There is no advantage to scoring more than 18 points in a match. A coalition's DFE includes all birdies scored by that coalition, including in autonomous.
Q: The rules indicate that the robot must fit into a box 15" x 12.5" x 15". Does it matter which dimensions are length, width and height?
A: No
Q: Can two transmitters be used on one robot? And, if so do we have to include the cost of the second transmitter in the price limit?
A: You may use two transmitters on your robot, and the second transmitter/receiver package is NOT included in the price limit.
Q: Can you tell us what white tape is used for marking the lines for autonomous navigation?
A: We use white electrical tape, approximately 3/4" wide.
Q: The Rules say that you need four drivers. If you have two drivers are they allowed to drive the robot every match or do they have to sit out for some matches?
A: Per rule 2.5.5, four students must drive the robot in the first two matches. If you have only two drivers, you must forfeit two driving periods during those matches. After the first two matches, you do not have to follow the driver rotation but you still need to switch drivers in the middle of the match.

Rule Update #1

Monday, October 29, 2007


Team numbers have been assigned to every registered team. Please check what your number is on the Teams page and remember that it must be displayed on your robot per rule 2.7.16.


Q: Our team has a copy of easyC version 1, but that version does not support templates. Does that mean that we will have to buy easyC version 2 in order to use the template and in order to program for the competition?
A: You cannot use Version 1 on your competition robot. Your mentor should have received an email about getting EasyC Version 2. If not, contact us at
Q: Can we use lego or bike parts in our design for Vex, For the Codename Q competition?
A: Legos may be used only as non-functional decorations. We need more specific information about which bike parts you wish to use before we can approve them.
Q: Is there a limit as to how many motors and servos can be used on the robot?
A: The only limitations on the number of motors are the weight and price limits.
Q: Other than rules 2.7.6 and 2.7.10 are there any other rules pertaining to the manipulation of the Savage ball?
A: No
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