Tools for Searching the Literature

Tools for Preparing Documents and Presentations

  • Here is an extraordinarily helpful guide for writing technical papers by Joao Hespanha.

  • For documents with any mathematical symbols and expressions, LaTeX is a great document preparation system.

    • To use LaTeX with Windows, MikTeX is a good option. To use LaTeX with OS X, TeXShop is a good option.

    • Both MikTeX and TeXShop come with good editors. For Windows WinEdt is another option with a good GUI for symbol insertion etc, but it requires a (relatively modest) license fee. Another option is TexStudio, which is free.

    • Many journals provide style files that make it easy to prepare articles compatible with their formatting rules.

  • For preparing illustrations and/or geometric diagrams, Inkscape is an excellent tool.

    • Microsoft PowerPoint is often good enough for drawing block diagrams.

  • For making presentations with lots of mathematical symbols and expressions, Beamer (a LaTeX class) is a good option.

    • That said, Microsoft PowerPoint is often good enough for nice, clean presentations. To sprinkle a few mathematical symbols and expressions in PowerPoint, KLatexFormula can be useful.