Thank you for your interest in working with me. Please read the following notes; many of your questions may be already answered here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am thinking of applying to WPI for graduate studies. Should I contact you?
    Yes, you may contact me via email. However, please excuse me if I do not reply immediately or reply at all. I get several emails from prospective students, and it is impractical to respond to each. Please read about my current research projects and recent publications to determine if there are topics that you would like to work on for your graduate studies. Unsolicited phone calls are not welcome.

  2. What should I include in my email to you?
    Please include in the body of your email:

    1. Background on your education, and work experience.

    2. A brief (two - three sentences) statement explaining the reasons you want to conduct research on the topics that I work on, and how your background is relevant for these topics.
      Please do not send any attachments unless I specifically ask. Also, I will not click on any links that you provide in your email. The subject line of your email must be: Prospective graduate student.

  3. Will I get funding?
    I do not have the authority to make decisions regarding Teaching Assistantships. The best approach is to apply for graduate studies at WPI through the formal application process.

  4. How do I apply for graduate studies at WPI?
    Please peruse the thorough information provided on the WPI website.

  5. I have arrived at WPI for graduate studies in the ME department, but I do not have an assistantship. Should I contact you?
    I recommend contacting me via email after passing the ME department's qualifying exam.

  6. I am a WPI undergraduate student interested in conducting research with you under the SURF program. Should I contact you?
    If you are interested in the topics that I offer, please contact me via email with a brief statement about your motivations specific to my research topics. I prefer that you complete (and perform well in) at least one course taught by me before contacting me. The subject line of your email must be: Prospective SURF student.

  7. I am a WPI undergraduate student interested in pursuing a MQP with you as advisor. Should I contact you?
    There is no need to. Each year, the Aerospace Engineering Program office circulates among AE major students a list of MQP topics for the following academic year. Students are asked to rank these topics according to their interests, and MQP groups are formed keeping the students’ selections in mind. Therefore, if you express interest in MQP topics that I offer, there is a high probability that you will be assigned to a group that I will advise.
    The AE program does not allow MQP topics proposed by students. I do not anticipate advising MQPs with non-AE major students.

  8. Do you have post-doctoral research positions open?
    No, I do not.

  9. I am an undergraduate student in a non-US university. Do you have any positions for summer internships in your lab?
    No, I do not.