Raghvendra V. Cowlagi

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Assistant Professor

Aerospace Engineering Program
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Higgins Laboratories, 247
100 Institute Road, Worcester MA 01609

Phone: +1 (508) 831-6405
Email: rv<surname>@wpi.edu

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 —  Ph.D., Aerospace Eng., 2011, Georgia Institute of Technology

 —  M.Tech., Aerospace Eng., 2005, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

  • Advisor: J. Chandrasekhar

  • Thesis: Autonomous Mission Management System for a Group of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

 —  B.E., Electronics Eng., 2003, University of Mumbai


 —  Assistant Professor, 2013- present, Aerospace Eng. Program, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

 —  Guidance, Navigation, and Controls Engineer, 2012-13, Aurora Flight Sciences

 —  Postdoctoral Associate, 2011-12, LIDS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 —  Graduate Research Assistant, 2006-11, Dept. Aerospace Eng., Georgia Institute of Technology

 —  Project Engineer, 2005-06, Dept. Aerospace Eng., Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

  • Supervisor: Sanjay Bhat

 —  Teaching Assistant, 2003-05, Dept. Aerospace Eng., Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Awards & Honors

  • 2017 Sigma Xi Outstanding Junior Faculty Award

  • 2016 AFOSR Young Investigator Award

  • Student best paper award, 2009 American Control Conference

  • 2005 Aeronautical Society of India award

Research Interests

  • Motion planning and control for autonomous aerial vehicles

  • Hybrid systems and hybrid optimal control

  • Integration of algorithms from artificial intelligence and optimal control theory

  • Safety of hierarchical systems