Conferences with 2008 submissions

Computer-Human Interaction -- deadline September 19, 2008
Intelligent User Interfaces -- deadline Oct.1/3, 2008
SIAM Conference on Data Mining -- deadline October 3/10

FLAIRS ITS Track (November deadlines)
Foundations of Digital Games -- deadline December 19, 2008
Persuasive Technology (December deadlines)
Design of Interactive Systems -- unknown deadline
International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence -- unknown deadline
Psychology in Mathematics Education International -- unknown deadline
Cognitive Science Society -- unknown deadline

Conferences with 2009 submissions

Interaction Design and Children (January deadlines)
User Modeling and Adaptive Personalization -- abstract deadline January 12, 2009; paper deadline January 19, 2009
Artificial Intelligence in Education -- deadline January 15, 2009
Knowledge Discovery in Databases (February deadlines)
International Conference on Machine Learning (February deadlines)
Digital Games Research Association (February deadlines)
European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction Conference -- deadline March 15, 2009
Educational Data Mining -- deadline March 31, 2009
Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (April deadlines)
User Interface Software and Technology (April deadlines)
Cognitive Modeling (April deadlines)
Computers in Education (May deadlines)
DIGITEL (May deadlines)
ACT-R Workshop (May deadlines)
International Conference on Data Mining (July deadlines)
American Educational Research Association (August deadlines)
Learning Sciences Conference (November deadlines)

Conferences which may have 2010 submissions

Intelligent Tutoring systems (January submissions)
AAAI (January submissions)

Other conference lists

Neil Heffernan
Kalina Yacef