Family in Wyoming

Welcome to this website by and for myself Robert Clark. I am currently a student at the Massachusetts Academy for Math and Science. Previously, I had went to the Tewksbury Memorial High School located in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Tewksbury is where I have spent most of my life growing up. I did have the opportunity to live temporarily in Boston as well as Andover and Methuen. Each day I travel about forty miles to and from school. School is a major part of my life. Every weekday I am up at six and on the road by 6:30 to get to school at about 7:20. I enjoy driving; it is especially fun if done while listening to a good song or podcast.

Family is very important to me. I have three siblings: two sisters and one brother. McKenzie is my eldest sibling at the age of fifteen. She is currently a sophomore in high school. Riley is in the eighth grade and is 13 years old. My youngest sibling is Matt who is 10 years old. We all are very close and love to joke around. My mother is a teacher at the Tewksbury middle school, and my father sells research to large companies. Although we may differ from a traditional family, we get along well and have fun together.

Family at the zoo

I have always been quite a nerd. Tewksbury memorial High School is the only high school in Tewksbury, so naturally, that is where I went. There I learned about world history, algebra, geometry, Latin, and English. Latin was one of my favorite subjects. The teacher was one of the best in the school, and the class was and enjoyable. After, receiving, a letter from MAMS, I decided to investigate. My family and I went to the open house. Later that February, I went to the diagnostic test. In early March, I finished my essay and submitted my application on March 17th. A month and a half later, I was accepted, and I decided to go to MAMS.

There are a few activities I enjoy outside of school. One activity is running. I was first introduced to running by the Greater Lowell Road Runner’s youth program. Here I began to learn some of the basics and fundamentals of the sport. I learned how to properly stretch and prepare for a race, as well as pacing. Over the summer entering ninth grade, I joined the Tewksbury Memorial High School cross-country program. There I became faster as there was a more intense training program. Another activity I enjoy outside of school is exploring nature, in particular, national parks. Every two to three years my family usually goes on a big trip to see a part of the country we have never seen before. Last year we went out to Utah. Utah has some wonderful national parks and is full of exciting things to explore.