R. James Duckworth

ECE Department, WPI

Undergraduate Course Information

         ECE 3829: Advanced Digital System Design with FPGAs

Graduate Course Information

         ECE 574: Modeling and Synthesis of digital systems using Verilog and VHDL

Short Course

        Embedded System Design using FPGAS with VHDL and Verilog

Research Projects

        Precision Personnel Locator Project

Robot Projects

        Robot Localization for FIRST Robotics (2013)

        Firefighter Indoor Navigation Using Distributed SLAM

        Marine GPS Search and Rescue System (2010)

        Quad Rotor (2010)

        Mars Exploration Rover

        Search and Rescue Robot

        Autonomous Mapping Robot


R. James Duckworth, PhD
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Tel: 508 831-5204

Last Modified: April, 2011