Posters from Lab Students

Scott Rockwell

Frequency and Spatial Dependence of Thermocouple Cross Correlation Velocimetry - S. Rockwell, X. Wie, A. Rangwala, A. Klein

This page displays posters that summarize the work from Prof. Ali Rangwala’s students.

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Kulbhushan Joshi

Effect of moisture in coal on its activation energy in inert and oxidizing conditions - K. Joshi, V. Raghavan, A. Rangwala

Spontaneous Ignition of Combustible Dust- Experimental Determination of Properties and Mathematical Modeling to Verify Geometrical Independence, K. A. Joshi, V. Raghavan, and A. S. Rangwala

Kristopher Overholt

Characterizing the Flammability of Corrugated Cardboard Using a Cone Calorimeter - K. Overholt, M. Gollner, A. Rangwala

Michael Gollner

A Fundamental Approach Towards Fire Hazard Classification - University of California, San Diego - M. Gollner, T. Hetrick, A. Rangwala, J. Perricone, F. Williams

Peter Bellino

Nondimensional Analysis of In-siitu Burning of an Oil Slick in an Ice Environment P. Bellino and A. Rangwala,

MQP 2009 -2010

Mobile Measurement Platform, J. Bassett, D. Lampke, M. Oshetsky. Advisors: R. Kinicki and A. Rangwala.