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Soccer: Soccer is my favorite sport and one of my favorite extra-curricular activities. I have been playing soccer for many years and only recently have I began to appreciate the game. There are two components that make soccer one of my preferred activities. One is that it involves one of my hobbies, running. The second is that soccer is a team sport, which makes it a much more interesting experience. I plan to continue playing soccer as long as I can because it is fun and gives me a way to express myself physically.

Karate: Another extra-curricular activity I am involved in is karate. I take lessons at NEKA, the New England Karate Academy. The form of Karate taught here is known as Ken-ryu Kenpo Karate, a style incorporating techniques from Judo, Kick Boxing, Karate, Kung-fu and Jujitsu. I have been taking Karate for 3 years now, and I am currently a first degree brown belt. I will most likely be testing for my black belt in the near future.