Dr. Oleg V. Pavlov


Associate Professor of Economics and System Dynamics




Department of Social Science and Policy Studies
Salisbury Labs 310A
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609
T: 508-831-5234
F: 508-831-5892
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Im an associate professor of economics and system dynamics and a member of the Steering Committee at the Healthcare Delivery Institute (HDI) at WPI. My expertise is in multi-sector computational economic analysis that accounts for feedback and resistance to change often exhibited by complex systems. In my research I examine interests of stakeholders and take a system-wide view that combines relevant technological, psychological, social, and economic factors. As a Coleman Foundation Faculty Entrepreneurship Fellow, Im active in the entrepreneurship community on campus and in Massachusetts. Im past president of the Economics Chapter of the System Dynamics Society.

My department offers the following degrees in economics and system dynamics:

   Bachelor of Science Degree in Economic Science
   Bachelor of Science Degree in System Dynamics
   Graduate Program in System Dynamics (online Certificate, online M.S., Ph.D.)

Students can also minor in Economics or System Dynamics. If you have questions about any of these programs, please email me.


My Expertise
    Economics, system dynamics, systems thinking



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Teaching Experience
    Introduction to System Dynamics Modeling
    System Dynamics Foundations: Managing Complexity (graduate online course)
    Information Economics and Policy
    Principles of Microeconomics
    Intermediate Microeconomics
    Principles of Macroeconomics
    Money and Banking
    Mathematical Economics
    Management of Information Systems


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    M.B.A. Cornell University. Johnson Graduate School of Management. 2011
    Ph.D. in Economics. University of Southern California. 2000
    M.A. in Economics. University of Southern California. 1997
    B.S. in Physics and Computer Science. University of Southern California. 1994


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