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My name is Nathan Kadria, and I’m a Mass Academy junior. I’ve lived in Worcester for all of my life, and despite its flaws, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. The Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science (MAMS) has been a great opportunity for me, as well as being only a 5 minute drive (or 10 minute bike ride) from my house, which I am aware is not a luxury most students have.

My past schools have all been Worcester public schools. I went to elementary school at Clark St. School, middle school at Sullivan Middle, and high school at South High Community School. I started middle school in 6th grade as a part of the Goddard Scholars Academy and continued this program into high school until I was accepted to MAMS. Some of the extracurriculars I participated in while attending SHCS were Model UN, UNICEF club (I was VP), Tri-M musical honors society, marching/concert band, and Worcester Youth Jazz Ensemble. I also played varsity tennis as first doubles with former senior Henry Rich. Although I enjoyed my time at South, I think MAMS is where I truly fit in.

I live with my parents, my younger brother Luke, and my cat Mario. Mario walked up to our door and meowed to be let in around two winters ago, and we let him in. Since then, he has slowly claimed our house as his territory and is the self proclaimed guardian of our abode. I had always wanted a cat but was never allowed to have one until Mario invited himself into our house, and I love the little dude.

Nathan cuddling Mario, his cat.

See the hobbies section to see what I do in my free time, or the academics section to get an idea of what it’s like to be a student at MAMS. Feel free to contact me by my email, nwkadria@wpi.edu, if you have any questions about MAMS or anything really.

Community Service:

For community service, I have been working at Mass Audubon's Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center and Wildlife Sanctuary. I work there every first saturday of the month from 9 to 12, and I really enjoy it. I chose to volunteer here because I really like the outdoors, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to enjoy getting my volunteer hours. This opportunity also appealed to me because I don’t ever have to talk to random strangers (or really anybody in general), which I don’t like doing. I strongly suggest at least trying it out. I didn’t bring any friends along, but I bet it would be even more fun if you did.