March 30, 2004

Show Schedule Released

Wednesday Night Curtain 7:00pm
Act One
It's noon. Do you know where your gun is?
You're Never Alone...
Among Friends


Act Two
It's Not Identity Theft If You Pay The Bills On Time

Thursday Night Curtain 7:00pm
Act One
Two Graves


Act Two
a Viking walks by
We've Got Soul
A Slice of Grief (a play in 5 stages)

Friday Matinee Curtain 5:00pm
It's Not Identity Theft If You Pay The Bills On Time

Friday Night Curtain 8:00pm
Act One
Among Friends
You're Never Alone…


Act Two
Two Graves

Saturday Night Curtain 7:00pm
Act One
A Slice of Grief (a play in 5 stages)
We've Got Soul


Act Two
a Viking walks by
It's noon. Do you know where your gun is?
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March 19, 2004

The Cast of New Voices 22

We've Got Soul
Sneaker: Rodney Waters

Its Noon
Doc Holiday: Jake Given
Ed: Walid Khoury

A Slice of Grief
Ricky: Eric Mill
Dan: Elliot Field

You're Never Alone
Robot: John Tranquilli
Roger: Nick Barnes

Bob: Paul Irish
Ray: Matt Mara
Mike: Pat Talbot

Tom: John Tranquilli
Prof. Smith: Cale Putnam
Tina: Montira Satienpoch
Sarah: Hilary Hayes

A Viking Walks By
George Splevin 1: Dylan Fitzgerald
George Splevin 2: Tyler Ames
George Splevin 3: Derek Gelinas
Georgina Spelvin 1: Amanda Gray
Georgina Spelvin 2: Sara Strecker
Georgina Spelvin 3: Sara Munro
Viewer: Chris Osborn

Among Friends
Brandon: Jon Abad
Ryan: Sara Strecker
Suzanne: Gissel Morales
Sarah: Batsirai Mutetwa
Rich: Thomas Jenket
Jen: Kelly Driscoll
Erin: Max Giang
Mr.Hammon: Mike Leonardo
Mrs.Hammon: Amy Castonguay

George: Tom Rosborough
Mike: Dan Gilbreath
Moraine: Sasha Levshin
Woman: Erin Ellsworth
Harry: Nick Bonatsakis
John: Brian Kuhn
Tony/Brian/Sam: Lenny DelVecchio
Al: Mike Schenck
Fran: Diane Jordan
Wendy: Hilary Hayes

Identity Theft
Lisa: Jillian Wise
Ed's Wife/Secretary: Christine Dupree
Employee: William Herbert
Barbara: Josie Jaecksch
Andrew: Mike Crouch
Police Officer/Mail Clerk: Jamo Hanlan
Ed's Uncle: Josh True
Edgar Abrahams: Mike Roberts
Security Guard: Sean Gardell
Amelia/Andrew's Mom: Jennifer LaPointe
Social Worker/Clerk: Shruti Pai
Deborah: Smriti Shrestha
Mike: Jim Nichols

Two Graves
Summer: Sarah Pavis
Scooter: AJ Nowack
Harry: Paul Messier
Majorie Morgenstern: Cecilia Servatius
Mike: Tom Rosborough
Inspector Thomas Doppler: Sean Candlish
Phil: Mike Wixon
Rocco: Chris Sim
President Queeg: Ben Sandofsky
Franklin Benjamin: Eric Pope
Professor Russell: Mike Fortier
Extras: Dylan Fitzgerald, Michael Leonardo, Amy Castonguay, Gissel Morales, Lenny DelVecchio

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Casting is done!

The casting process known as Bloodbath is over!

The list is coming up soon!

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March 18, 2004

Auditions are over!

Thanks to everyone who came out to audition through the snowstorm and St.Paddy's day.

The next step: callbacks!

Directors are currently worrying silly about who to cast in each role and will callback several individuals when they aren't sure. If you do not get called back, it does not mean that you haven't been cast! It is New Voices custom to give a role to everyone who auditions and this year should be no different.

The casts will be decided Friday night and will be sent via email as well as posted here on the website and the Green Room bulletin board by noon on Saturday.

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March 13, 2004


Auditions will be held March 15th, 16th, and 17th in Alden Memorial Hall from 6pm to 9pm, and we want YOU to try out!

We recommend that you prepare with a two-minute monologue of your choosing, but if you don't find something or know what to do, don't fret! We will also have material available at the audition sessions. No experience is necessary and roles of all sizes are available, so how can you lose?

We will be also be having a "How to Audition" workshop before the sessions so come back to see the finalized time.

If you have any questions that our site doesn't answer, don't hesitate to email us at

About Monologues:
An acceptable monologue could be found in poetry books, various plays, or even a piece that you write yourself. it is possible to audition with another person, but unadvisable and max of 2 people.

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March 06, 2004


The directors for the New Voices festival have been selected and they are in the process of putting together their support staffs.

Open positions will be posted on the front and Help Wanted pages.

  1. Captions by Michael J. Ciaraldi
    Directed by Diane Jordan.
  2. It's noon. Do you know where your gun is? by Nick Barnes
    Directed by Christopher M. Cenotti, Assistant Director: Dan Gilbreath.
  3. Two Graves by Michael J. Ciaraldi
    Directed by Eric Mill.
  4. It's Not Identity Theft If You Pay The Bills On Time by Cat Darensbourg
    Directed by Ian Brodrick.
  5. Anomaly by Dean O'Donnell
    Directed by Amanda Jean Nowack.
  6. Entropy by Ben Sandofsky
    Directed by Dean O'Donnell.
  7. A Slice of Grief (a short play in 5 stages) by Chris Cenotti
    Directed by Ben Sandofski.
  8. Among Friends by Peter James Miller
    Directed by Catherine Carrigan.
  9. You're Never Alone... by Ben Sandofsky
    Directed by Sasha Levshin.
  10. We've Got Soul by David Hartman
    Directed by Mary Servatius.
  11. a Viking walks by by Karen Singh
    Directed by Cecilia Servatius.
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