March 06, 2004


The directors for the New Voices festival have been selected and they are in the process of putting together their support staffs.

Open positions will be posted on the front and Help Wanted pages.

  1. Captions by Michael J. Ciaraldi
    Directed by Diane Jordan.
  2. It's noon. Do you know where your gun is? by Nick Barnes
    Directed by Christopher M. Cenotti, Assistant Director: Dan Gilbreath.
  3. Two Graves by Michael J. Ciaraldi
    Directed by Eric Mill.
  4. It's Not Identity Theft If You Pay The Bills On Time by Cat Darensbourg
    Directed by Ian Brodrick.
  5. Anomaly by Dean O'Donnell
    Directed by Amanda Jean Nowack.
  6. Entropy by Ben Sandofsky
    Directed by Dean O'Donnell.
  7. A Slice of Grief (a short play in 5 stages) by Chris Cenotti
    Directed by Ben Sandofski.
  8. Among Friends by Peter James Miller
    Directed by Catherine Carrigan.
  9. You're Never Alone... by Ben Sandofsky
    Directed by Sasha Levshin.
  10. We've Got Soul by David Hartman
    Directed by Mary Servatius.
  11. a Viking walks by by Karen Singh
    Directed by Cecilia Servatius.
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