Science and Technical Writing

Science and Technical Writing or STW is taught by Ms. Curran. In STW we learn how to write scientific pieces such as abstracts and theses. At the start of a typical class, we get a "fixer-upper." A "fixer-upper" is a small paper that contains a few sentences with grammatical errors. We are given a few minutes to fix the sentences and make them as correct as possible. After we complete the "fixer-upper" we typically move on to analyzing scientific texts and learn tips on how to write these types of papers.

One of the scientific papers we have had to write this year was a literature review for our STEM project. The goal of the literature review was to encapsulate all of the necessary background information about our project. In the literature review we discuss a plethora of information, including important background information, existing solutions, and conclusions. We are also supposed to format our literature review professionally by adding a table of contents, page numbers, and sub headers. You can view my literature review here.

At the beginning of the year we worked a lot on analyzing scientific writing. One of the assignments was to determine if researchers in a study effectively utilized the scientific method when performing their experiment. The experiment they performed was placing robots into a chamber and having them dig tunnels. The researchers wanted to see if having less robots dig tunnels would be more efficient because the chamber would be less crowded. You can read my analysis of this paper here.