STEM class is also taught by Ms. Curran and is essentially a science fair. Since the beginning of the year we have been working on a 5-month long project that we will eventually present at a science fair in February. At the beginning of the year we worked a lot on brainstorming ideas for our project. Soon after, we worked on timelines and effective time management. We created Gantt charts to plan out our entire project and all of its subtasks, so we would finish by the February deadline. One of our most recent units was data analysis where we learned how to perform statistical tests and correctly analyze their results.

At the end of the Stats unit, we were put into groups and we had to give a presentation on one of the statistical tests. My group worked on the Poisson distribution which essentially models the probability that an event will occur k number of times in an interval of time. You can view our presentation here.

As practice for the science fair, we participated in a December Fair held at our school. For this fair we had to prepare a 5-minute talk about our presentation that effectively conveyed the importance of our project to the listener. We also had to create a poster that had information on our process, data and analysis. To create a uniform design on our posters, we created a file that contained all of the information that would be on our poster. You can view my poster file here.