Math at MAMS is a Math Modeling class. Math Modeling is the process of using math to model and solve real world problems. Throughout the year we have been given modeling problems where we must create a model to solve an issue and then write up a solution. For our final solution, we type up a report and add graphs, tables, and other elements into a document in a program called Mathematica. Mathematica is a very unique software with many useful functions. To help us get familiar with this software, we occasionally do Mathematica Labs. These are just miniature problems that require us to use some new aspect of the software so that we get familiar with it and can use it in the future.

Since Math Modeling is a central part of this course, we competed in a Math Modeling competition in November called HiMCM. For this competition we chose a group of four and then were given 36 hours to choose a problem and then create a model to solve this problem. The problem my group chose to solve was the roller coaster problem. For this problem we were tasked with creating a scoring system that could be used to rank roller coasters. We then had to rank 10 roller coasters based on given information. Finally, we had to design an app that would choose roller coasters that a user would like based on their preferences. You can read our final paper here.

One of my favorite Mathematica Labs so far was the Euler High School Fundraiser problem. For this problem we had to help a basketball team determine which price for season tickets would provide the most revenue for the team based on data from a survey. We also had to determine the number of tickets the team would expect to sell is they sold the tickets at this price. This lab taught me how to create tables and graphs in Mathematica which has been an extremely useful skill throughout the yeay. You can view this lab here.