Humanities is taught by Ms. Small and is a very fun and relaxing class. The topics focused on in the class are a blend between English and History. In Humanities we do a lot of discussions which makes the class both fun and interesting. We also read many different texts from different point in history such as Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt and even modern texts.

One of the units we have completed is the Ancient Greek unit. In this unit we studied aspects of the Ancient Greek civilization such as literature, theatre, government, and architecture. We even read experts from two famous Greek texts, the Iliad and the Women of Troy. At the end of the unit, we wrote an essay comparing and contrasting these two texts. In my essay I talked about the similarities and differences in the ways that the gods were depicted in both of the writings. You can read my essay here.

One of the summer reading assignments for Humanities was to read Walden by Henry David Thoreau. When school started, we began creating on Walden Skits that was centered around some event or idea in the book. When reading the book, my group noticed how Thoreau really disliked technology. So for our skit, we had Henry David Thoreau travel to Times Square in 2018 to experience the technology rich society. We performed our skit in front of the school during the field trip to Camp Bournedale at the end of August. You can read the script for out skit here.