French is taught by Ms. Wildfong and is probably the most relaxing class at MAMS. In class we typically work on group activities, work on projects, or watch French movies. The class is slightly difficult because we are not allowed to speak in English at all, but this has allowed me to improve my French speaking so much already. We also learn many other skills in this class such as film making. Currently, we are working on a film project where we have to create a 5-minute French film.

One of our projects for French was to create a presentation on the food we prepared for a French party that the class held. For this party, we had to sign up for different types of dishes to bring in. I made a salad that contained spinach, walnuts, feta cheese and pomegranate seeds. I also made a French dressing to go with the salad. You can view my presentation here.

In French we also had to write a one-page fairy tale that contained a moral. My fairy tale was about a monkey that meets a traveler with a magic bag. The bag is magic in the sense that anyone can reach in to it and pull out anything they want. The monkey gets tricked into eating something poisonous from the bag and gets very sick. You can read the full story here and try to figure out the moral.