About Me

Competing in a tennis tournament

I am Nilay McLaren. I live in Westborough, Massachusetts. Originally, I went to Westborough High School. Westborough was a great experience however it wasn’t a very hands-on school. There was too much note taking and not enough project-based learning. Mass Academy is great in the sense that school is fun because of all the hands-on activities you participate in. For example, in math class instead of filling out worksheets, we get a large difficult problem that we get to solve in groups. We have one week to use different methods and then solve the problem. Personally, I prefer this format of math class compared to the traditional “sit at a desk all day and fill out worksheets”.

Rock arch in Hawaii

Throughout my years I have participated in a wide variety of activities. These include sports, STEM activities and more. Up until middle school I played town soccer. Ever since fourth grade I played club tennis. Tennis is my favorite sport and I have continued playing since fourth grade. This year is my 7th year playing tennis. I have been very successful in tennis, winning numerous tournaments as well as starting for my high school team. My biggest success in the sport was when my high school team made it to the Massachusetts state championship. Recently my family traveled to Hawaii. Along there was an interesting rock arch structure that was caused by the ocean. View my Tennis Tournament Results Here.

Kite Surfing in Aruba

I have also been very involved in STEM competitions since fourth grade. One competition I participated in was FLL, and during 8th grade my team placed first in Massachusetts and 16th in the world. During high school I transitioned to a similar competition but for high schoolers and have enjoyed it very much. Science Olympiad is another STEM competition that I have participated in. I have participated in it since 7th grade but was unable to continue in 10th grade. In my second year of competing (8th grade) I competed in two events. Anatomy and Physiology and Wheeled Vehicle. For Wheeled Vehicle I placed 4th in the Entire state. For Anatomy and Physiology, I placed 3rd in the entire state. Typically once a year my family travels. A few years ago we traveled to Aruba where I was able to try Kite Surfing. View the FIRST Website here.